Wednesday, March 1, 2023



Love Is In The Bin

(Based on the painting by Banksy in 2006,

the girl with the heart shaped balloon)


The outstretched hand of the little girl

To catch the red heart shaped balloon.

Reaching out for the most wonderful thing.

Reaching out for love.


The outstretched hand of innocence.

To catch the symbol of love.

Reaching out for support and protection.

Reaching out for love.


The astonishing art of Banksy,

Symbolizing love and innocence.

But got shredded by a shedder

Which the artist planted himself.


The painting was then titled “Love in the bin”.

But love can never be in the bin.

Love is eternal, love is forever.

Love can never be thrown in the bin, never.


A Humming Bird Came To Visit


My flower pots are all around

In China Roses they abound.

The red big ones flourish and bloom.

On seeing them with happiness I zoom.

Their branches grow taller and taller.

The red flowers dance with their red collars.

I pluck them and lay them on  the Goddess’ feet.

I close my eyes and to the spiritual world retreat.

Sometimes two and sometimes three.

In my mobile I capture their beauty

The show flowers with their straight stalks.

Stands erect as if ready to walk.

But sometimes I find them bending low.

I didn’t know the mystery of their bent flow.

One fine morning when I arose,

I looked at the window and with happiness froze.

A humming bird was hovering around a red blossom.

Oh the sight was just awesome!

With its pointed beak trying to nectar drink,

The red flower bending low and the bird at its brink.

A humming bird in the midst of my city?

Never before have I seen one in my vicinity.

The mystery of why the flowers bow was solved at last.

A tiny humming bird did the trick in this city vast.


Dr. PARAMITA MUKHERJEE MULLICK lives in Mumbai, India. She is a scientist, a National Scholar transformed into an award-winning poet. She has published nine books and her poems have been translated into 40 world languages. Apart from numerous awards from Indian organizations she has received the Gold Rose from MS Productions, Buenos Aires, Argentina in 2019 and the Panorama International Literary Award, Greece in 2022. She is the President and Initiator of the Mumbai Chapter of Intercultural Poetry and Performance Library (IPPL) and the Cultural Convenor and Literary Coordinator of ISISAR (West India).

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