Wednesday, March 1, 2023



The Ladder Of The Sky


I don't want to pray in my bedside tonight.

I want to climb into the ladder of the sky to reach God for once in my life.

I want to ask him to stop

the war, to protect the little children and to save the whole world.

Please, wish me: "Good luck" to climb into the sky, just because I am a little child and I am afraid of the height!


A Rain Of Tears


   Since last night it has been raining constantly as if the weather was an allied of innocent people.

   The rain was so strange

this time. It was completely


   Someone said that it was mixed with the hot tears of

suffered people in the east.

   The rain became quickly a real river to wash the shame of war and to protest against it.

   Can someone inform me,

please, when the rainbow will appear in the blue sky again?


All The World Tied In A Rope!


Taking a long skein of rope,

I want to tie with love the whole world.

Everyone will give his hand to the other and holding the rope tightly together,

will go ahead in life united as a team, making a huge hug, being all a sensitive, peaceful soul.

In this rope, I shall be tied myself, of course and I shall call and you, my precious fiend, to be tied and spread love around the world!


VASILIKI KARATASIOU is a professor of Greek literature. She lives in Greece in the town of Larisa. She is also the general secretary of E. LO. SY. L. She has published many books of poetry, three of them are translated in French. She has been awarded with a gold and a silver medal by the International Academy of Letters and Arts of Lutece. She has also won several prizes in many other competitions of poetry in her country.

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