Wednesday, March 1, 2023



Oh Life!


How could I turn my back to so many things lived through, how could I walk out?

Without taking your loaned one from you,

Without delivering my borrowed one to God.

I ought to build up my most beautiful dream before my breath wears out.

My departure ought not to on the quiet.

The sky ought to thunder,

There ought to be lightning,

The clouds ought to be uncharged making no bones about.

I ought to chat with the drying leaves on their twig,

Grasses, flowers, insects ought to understand me.

Stars ought to drop on my palms countlessly when I stretch my hands out.

I ought to have bargaining with the soil which is going to embrace me.


I ought to meditate on the sea.

Waves ought to hit the shore unbanned rampantly.

Even if it was for the last time

The seagulls ought to take advantage of me.


For instance,

I ought to be a child again.

The first word I learn ought to be “love”.

My eyes ought to shine with love.

Life ought to hold my hand with childish feelings.

In a fresh and sweet world,

With virgin feelings,

And in extinct values

My heart ought to beat for “peace”.


Translatedinto English by Mesut ŞENOL


As I Heard About It…


You would be coming as I heard about it…

How nice!

I would not be dreaming of you anymore in the dark night unsettled by lying down,

the ceiling would not stare at my eyes,

the walls would not come over me, they would not judge me unquestioned.

I would not envy my curtain playing with the wind.

The day would be slipping away early from my window; the roses of my curtain would bloom again,

and the day smelling you would be falling into my palms.

I would be freshening up out of your absence, and I would dry myself with happiness.

You would be coming as I heard about it…

I am delighted.

Your footsteps in the present time, did not say that you would come.

I planted a kiss on the lips of the night out of happiness.

How come you would not be worried!

I buried everything in my pains by forgetting.

By making peace with my vows, I would not look for answers to my questions.

I would be setting time again, and I would paint your picture on the walls with my eyelashes.

I would put stone on my side which lacks your presence.

The outmoded mirror would be giving back my face.

I would be seeing us in the mirror as pure as carnation


English Translation By Mesut Şenol


This Is Love


So many people come / and go

Through our life

In every season / a bit of gloom

A bit of happiness

Like the changing clouds


With whom, when, where,

Why, and what for are not being asked

It drops on your heart all of a sudden

Like a summer rain


This is love, being a star, a moon to the night,

The sun filling the day with light,

An arrow and a bow to Eros, the god of love

Sometimes it turns into a torch


Love is a train without passengers

It travels timelessly

Should you catch it, it does give happiness

If you miss it, separation comes in

Becoming your ticket with no return


English Translation By Mesut ŞENOL




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