Wednesday, March 1, 2023



Happy New Year


It must have been the first of January

The day we fell in love.

We didn't care about what had happened yesterday

nor about tomorrow.

They could bomb us with their exhausted facts, their indifference,

yet we would keep on smiling

for as a matter of fact

we were not the least afraid.

We fell till we reached playgrounds

the borderline of passion

We fell and we fell fearlessly

in a state of full awareness

sensual dreams

as we fell

in love.


Your Eyes


You know I have been looking for broader perspectives almost everywhere

Yearning to climb another metaphorical mountain.

I tried to find

the emergency exits

from dysfunctional routines

repetitive trauma

the idea that the nukes might fall...

Ended up on the throne

in a psychedelic guestroom of my mind.

Creating beautiful ideas,

all dressed up with orchids

and your eyes.




That moment

When your soul burns publicly

Only you

Because you are the clown

of the class.


Ridiculed for being who you are

A boy of only ten years

with a heart of gold



Every detail of your personality is inferior, you little idiot,

You stand out from the crowd

the wrong way.

You are a dissonant in the harmony of our group.


That moment when they are around you

In endless circles

and wherever you look

You are under attack.


Muted, ignored,

Thrown from your bike.

That moment when you realize

Maybe it is just like this

and it will never change.



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