Wednesday, March 1, 2023



The Storm Of Her Eyes


drips a blue tear

The shore of her eyes

The healing shade of her

summer hat Blended

with a lying coat of a


She pours her sorrow into the glass

on a lame table

that tries to defend its

weakness, screaming

a varnished


Of a tasteless soul she

flirts inside

whose worries are

engraved on her breast,

she begins to breathe

patience somewhere in the inspiration...

She bends ironically to the pen

of a desperate word

Darkens in her gaze

and the blue of her eyes

is painted like an old

apartment building with gray color,


Like a pessimistic gray silk

jacket with his two

eyes murdered his buttons...

The tailor of the jacket

got drunk one night

lying on the edge

of the beach of her body

and he himself was marble,

carved in marble, drowned in stone

and almost ended up in

the hospital emergency room a... pillar of salt!...

If the tear in the blue eyes

her didn't translate into a ...storm!


I Am My Fault


I'm not just wise

I have and possess some knowledge

I'm not perfect

I have sins

and I fight them

my human frailties…

I'm not ugly either

not handsome, apparently

I am a presentable common mortal

I don't have a miserable soul

nor do I rule

from the trend

captivity of hating anything


I have a flawless soul

and that I represent, that I feel

I deposit it in the fund of my emotions

I'm not rich though

I have my arms wide open

and a beating heart

the knife, and the same grows

with her hands flowers of love

and compassion!-


Clothes Of Lonely


A sandy beach to cry

letting roll a

golden-yellow pebble

from the sun's gaze

A hooked tear

that transforms

into a beautiful mermaid

combs her hair in

the mirror of the sky...

That one lonely

starfish hastily

loneliness clothes

and swims carefree

in the eyes of the blue


Loneliness is jealous that

loves the mermaid platonically

the starfish

and one night he calls the sun

and burns his own clothes

of loneliness... Loneliness doesn't mind

now wear moons for a hat

And to make up

her lonely, unique beauty,

the loneliness that everyone

lusts for but never falls in love with!




PETROS KYRIAKOU VELOUDAS was born in Agrinio in 1977, where he still lives today. He graduated in Greek Culture at the Open University of Greece School of Humanities in Patras. He has worked as a radio producer in local radio stations, while publishing his humorous poems or stories in the newspapers of the city of Agrinio such as MACHITIS, ANANGELIA, PALMOS. He is a kindergarten teacher and works as a private employee. Today he is a member of the International Society of Greek Writers (DEEL). His literary work is included in the Panhellenic poetic encyclopedia of CHARIS PATSIS. He is a member of the International Society of Greek Writers (DEEL), executive director of the poets' guild of Argentina, academic poet of the Brazilian poetry academy-AMCL, member of the WORLD POETS UNION, WRITERS' UNION, WORLD POETS UNION, GREEK POET AMBASSADOR FOR EQUALITY IN BANGLADESH. His poems are translated into many languages, he is also a lyricist. His songs are on youtube. Hobbies, comic reader and creator, amateur actor.

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