Wednesday, March 1, 2023



Can't Find


After stretching

Sleep yawns

Is it morning or evening?

The reason does not match


Searching this and that pocket

Can't find it


Like the typhoid patient

Memory became infirm

Maybe I didn't put it in any pocket


Trait Or Skill


When the squirrel afternoon bites the sky

As a full-grown guava beneath the leaves

Neither the sun nor the moon was present

But the injured sky was merry in the dusk


A bundle of pliable breezes were spinning  

Around a rain tree as a cluster of dark bats


Suddenly the moon chirped with 32 teeth

A giant field rat came out from the whole

And an owl from the bush came as a lion

And took the rat and ate as fried chicken


Everywhere power is the core of exploitation

It is a trait or skill of eating more and more


No More Time


There is more time after this time— when

Spores of memory will wake up from the briefcase

They will walk side by side without heart

More time that will sprout after the death of honey


There is more time after this time—when

When robot will live with the goal-fitting program

White ice-cream coated with dark chock

Already been served in a chic manner to the table


Sir Thomas Gresham has altered to soil

And the scramming memory has also disappeared

There is no more time next to this time

Ebola mission is functioning with bits and bytes


Intrinsic value of day is shield with the

Blanket of night made from the face valued fuzz 

There is no more time next to this time

Where there trickles nothing but the melancholy


Those Lost Nights


At that night

Slumber was playing chess

Horse too with soldier

Were in great trouble.


What happens if it is done?

What will happen if it isn’t done?

In the lake of worry 

A paper boat.


A gentle march of wind

Pull back of leonurus girl

Yellow pollen eucalyptus

Lungful rock and roll.


Those lost nights

At the corner of the cupboard

Into a hidden cage

Chirping lovebirds.




ASHRAFUL MUSADDEQ: Bangladeshi published writer, translator and poet Ashraful Musaddeq was born at Kishoreganj in 1959. He earned a PhD degree in 2017 from the Jahangirnagar University, Bangladesh. He loves poetry from the core of heart and feel thirsty while enjoy nature. He loves to write poem and haiku in English and Bangla, as well as interested in translating poems and haiku. He is the member of the World Haiku Association since 2017. Out of his 27 published books, he translated 15 books into Bangla language from English. His English poetry books are: Beckoning Jade-Dreams (Poetry, 2007), Firefly Can't Make a Day (Bilingual Poetry, 2008), Affluent Love- The Silent Killer (Bilingual Poetry, 2012), Absent Zero and Other Haiku (Bilingual Haiku, 2013), You After Noon (Poetry, 2015). His book You After Noon is available with since 2015.

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