Wednesday, March 1, 2023



Happy New Year!


Time makes a circle again; hours and minutes are ticking away.

Watching the days come and part – keep a good heart!

Time makes a circle again, some friends are to go, some to stay.

No need to keep grudges or woe; with love, let it go.


Happy New Year! Have a good cheer!

Follow the promising spark, the golden glistening starlight.

Happy New Year! Have a good cheer!

Millions of colorful lights making the holiday night bright.


Happy New Year! Have a good cheer!

Usher the kindness right in, let wonders shine through your window.

Happy New Year! Have a good cheer!

Beaming, all festive and mild, greeting us all with a smile is Love.


Snow is a charming surprise, the tender song of the skies,

It snuggles so cherishingly both you and me.

Snow melts our problems with grace as it covers the faraway place

Where sweet fairytales can appear – and the New Year!


Save My Love


You’ve made eternity:

Earth and skies above, my unending love.

You’ve set the faithful free,

So that they’d glorify the marvel we call life.


Save my love and let it last, all I trust in, all I ask –

Please shine your warming light into our life!

Save my love from any harm, all I trust with you in heart –

Miracle of the world – keep it preserved!


You’ve given life and wings –

Sing on and ascend, love without an end.

To flowers, birds and dreams

So they could inform beauty to the world.


You’ve let the shining in –

With a morning star, with a faithful heart.

Forgiving every sin:

Here comes the gospel of commitment and pure love!


Morning Star


However high above, sky doesn’t answer questions,

It dissipates the pain of every past mistake.

Yet somewhere deep inside, my heart is effervescent.

Please do not simmer down and keep the love awake!


I’ll draw a pouring rain, an iridescent promise,

A light of children’s smiles, an angel of my heart,

Who is to help me out, to stay around as always?

To ward the evil off, maybe we better start.


It can be hard to see the much-needed dawn is breaking,

Helping us hope and wait, making us fight and strive.

When the commotion comes, when there is grief and aching,

Through the turmoil of life, you can only survive.


Beacon of guiding light, sparkling morning star,

Shining forever for those on the way.

Life is no simple game, things could have hurt so far,

Only to love we hold and pray!




IRINA SHULGINA: Born in the Siberian city of Krasnoyarsk. Graduated from KSAMT. Composer, poetess, singer, vocal teacher. Honored Worker of Culture of the Krasnoyarsk Territory. Soloist Kras. state Philharmonic Ensemble "KrasA" Head of the family ensemble "Sisters". The Shulgin family is a laureate of the All-Russian competition "Family of the Year". Honorary Worker of Literature and Art of the LIK International Academy (Germany). Academician of the Petrovsky Academy of Sciences and Arts (St. Petersburg). Academician MARLEY (Canada). Academician LIK (Germany). Representative of the Federation of the World Society of Culture and Arts of Singapore. Member of the Union of Songwriters Kras. the edges. Member of ISP (Moscow). Member of SPSA and ISAI. The author of more than 300 songs in different genres, hymns, which are performed by soloists and groups from different regions of Russia. Laureate of International and All-Russian competitions. Grand Prix of the International Competition in France. Winner of the competition of individual grants of the governor of the region, for his personal contribution to the preservation and development of culture. Recipient of the Order of Merit in Literature and Art.

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