Wednesday, March 1, 2023



Crossroads Of Souls


It is the hour of nostalgia and half of the green grass, the perfume of the flute's holes swaying with a touch of your dewy fingers, the reeds groaning where it is a source of spirit, so that its pulse returns empty as foam washed away by the waves, over the plate of deaf rocks, so it recites its music with plateaus that embrace the spices of India and Sindh, and Ortah wears the cacophony of the sound of the wind, whenever it blows He has a bare feather on him, he cried unconsciously, O beloved, you have come to milk the patient ant, and the rebelliousness with your eyes rides the weights of the yard and crushes the horses of hope.

Fears of panic multiplied in the ovaries of the memory of days, and does nostalgia have the zero hour?, Invading those white pages with my dust, while I am blown with the Spirit of God and the stagnant mud?, To search for you at the crossroads of souls without a cosmic map, or even an expired compass, pointing to a light that has reached the threshold of the gates of the end Without starting at the beginning..!

This is how I pray the duty of love.. And you are the memory of growth crucified on the banks of slumbering waterwheels.. You lavish on the overcrowded canyons with dreams with a yellow smile.. She fell between the feet of the clouds as she practiced her passion with raindrops..


In The Wind


The neighing of empty horses

barren cloud..!

• In the wind

Orphan love revolution

Disappointing Banner!

• In the wind

The sultan of the heart is homeless

Autumn leaves..!

• In the wind

Letters of light wrinkled

Features of absence..!

• In the wind

The melodious scattering

Winter's cooing..!

• In the wind

The noise of a runaway look

sleepy eyes..!


• in the wind

Pour the cup of wishes

golden threads..!

• In the wind

I performed ablution with the sound of swords

A grinding war..!

• In the wind

Reproduced in bright colors

Confused cocoon..!

• In the wind

Blind fight law

Spanish bull..!


Here… I Am Alone…


Where the stillness of silence touches me

No sociable other than your whispers

that covered me yesterday.

I caress the traits of my loneliness

And turn the pages of your laughter

which is still drunk

hug me despite the cold

Let's get up and get up

From that blue dream

The lights are waiting for you

The door creaks

Damn that window.

And I'm looking for your wooden key

My fingers are calcified

Zainab al-Ruh did not come

Here.. I am alone..

Avoid the yellow clock

I will remember you before sunrise

And the eyes of passers-by.. kill me

That crazy pet

Didn't he learn how to talk?

And death eats from his heart..!

He is eating from the soul of his shadow

And the shadow shot him before the fall

...........!! This killer

Exile deposited me outside my temple

The funeral prayer is behind me!!

Even though I do ablution every day

Bundy chrysanthemums and its anomalies

She bit my lips

Every moment a thousand times..

And lick my fingers

Reverse void chant

Then the body becomes imprisoned

I am the sultan of her wild heart.

Leave my crown and catch up

Civilization wrapped under my ribs

We dance with the wind....

We recite the verses of annexation on a screen with its gaps

Rest atop alluring peaks

And the lips are looking for the night of the mole

She drinks from the spring of her neck

....... What day is this..?

How old is he..?

And the sound of the call is empty.

My breath is still felt

Pores of your rage

frantic with kisses..

O virgin, by giving birth to the Spirit

And the first bud opens

with the ecstasy of the good news

Oh my only light..

You have the anchor sail..

And you are safe

Go on that frenzy

Overcoming its heedless waves

coffee sand craving every step

cling to your virginal lips

He hears the lustful groaning of the heart

and curse after long nights




Dr. ADNAN AL-RIKANI, born in 1971 in the city of Mosul. Iraq - Kurdistan Region. Poet and journalist

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