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The Flowers Of Montesquieu Street


Flowers at the foot of tall walls

they smile shyly at the midday sun

the wonderful flowers of Montesquieu Street

they greet some gray-haired passersby

in that absolute silence, absence of sound

the solitary Muses of wordless poetry

no dog, no cat, no breath around

cars rushing on paranoid rampage.


There is no time for meditation, there is no time for anything

just for fleeing, blind escape from everything,

not even for those, the fragile, dressed in March colors

flowers of Montesquieu Street.


I stopped my step, I felt the scent in my soul

as well as the pentagram of peace.

How I would love to share it with the world

to plant them on the noisy scrap metal

turned into a giant walking vase,

endless flowers, to bring white seasons...!


(Translation Into English: HR)


I Love The Word…


I've loved the word,

from the first word, the second, the billionth, I do not know

The word I speak,

the word that speaks to me daily in my conscience

And again, and again its essence drags me closer and away from it,

Like now, in my ruined Babylon.

I seek dictionaries, perhaps before Christ

to translate the word of the self-undeciphered

I’m looking for the key code to open the doors

Where it sleeps, where it hides, and why I have to confess

Like on Sunday the sinner, repents in the church.

To light the candle and pray under peaceful sounds

that climb the part of the atmosphere that carries my word,

that touch the sky, illuminate the stars with magic.

To leave them awake, like Venus my Guardian Angel

that with a word awakened me, the first night of my life…

With the first word “welcome” to this world.

That was the first word I saw, I swear

And I cried, why, I don’t know, out of emotion or out of pain

for the world of words where I would take cautious steps.

Like a chess game with kings and soldiers

In which of course I would like to be queen

But without killing anyone, is there such a thing?!

They say the word kills, would my word kill? or,

would it be like a blessing that heals the soul?

Would it be a curse, absinth, vile, or

Holy Mary?!

The word like a Da Vinci painting hides the codes from me.

No, it’s not abstract painting, it’s not my

favorite anyway.

Know that the word is only code, like a computer

Where even artificial intelligence can’t find it

Hidden among the blood streams

In the most beautiful and precious picture in the world

In the symbiosis of a perfect creation

Where the heart and poetry intertwine with thousands of


My word sleeps and wakes, until the last beat

I will tell it with care, with the word, without word…

Thank you for waking me.


(Translation Into English : A.Xh)


A Little Breath Of Camus


I have been sculpting myself for a long time,

perhaps I was born by gift of the gods


I make a cross and wait for the completion of the work

which has no end and no beginning.


Somewhere, sometimes I blow the dust of the absurd

detach my perfection from the secular gravitation

to resemble the rest of the sky that we never understood.


In my "workshop".

I am already sculpting myself without pain

Imaginary metamorphosed.

I find myself a stranger every day

except for the smile I recognise in my eyes


(Translation Into English : A.Xh)




MIRELA LEKA XHAVA, was born, in the city of Elbasan, Albania.  She graduated in Albanian Language and Literature and worked as a Librarian at the University of the city. She also collaborated as a correspondent for the newspaper "Elbasani". In the end of the year 1999 her first book "I do not love winter in the eye" was published. She has published poetry in several national and international literary magazines recently. She also participated in several contests and anthologies and received different evaluations positives. At the same time he deals with translations from French for several literary magazines in  Albania. In September of this year, her last book of poems "Flowers of the Montesquieu Street" was published. Lives and works in Bordeaux -France with her family since 2002.


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