Wednesday, March 1, 2023



It's Like You Are There


I'm talking to you again

I give you all my love again

I'm doing everything with you again

as if you were there..


Me after a few drinks

and I tell everyone that

That cold people are the most wonderful beings

if you can handle them..


Only you made it

to emerge from all my depths

only you knew

the true value of silence and my silences..


When I start from life

to run away and save myself

then I realize you're there

where I begin and where I end


A lot of things in me get tired

and I send you all my love again

I send all my emotions to my beloved wife

and you seem to be there again


You Know


You know you sleep forever

in every shade of me.

We both flow in this city,

like time,

like this river that brought us together,

like these tears that we have left...

like kisses that are missing..

you know

behind my closed lids,

we are still in that room

we drink pear brandy

and we watch the night

with bread and salt,

while the rain pours tirelessly

in the sound of darkness

through the night

you know you are something like

April freshness

see off at the station

years to come

tender and firm

you are something

like something of mine..

My Love..

by all means don't


and turn around

and disappear

Bordeaux, I want you

I love you blue.

you know.

Keep yourself safe for me

and watch over me

and watch over us.




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