Wednesday, March 1, 2023



Spring's Poets


I always follow the Spring.

Year by year.

I don't follow Autumn and Winter

because it' s so cold out here

and freeze the expectations.


Spring climbs around me

and I am in hibernating

amid winter's blossoms.


Spring night’s red butterfly

thou wear the moon for sickle

and thou mow male orgasms.


I keep the Spring tied

to not leave me

because I'll wither.


The butterflies

are mine, mine,

do you hear me?


Star of My Wish

I leave you where you belong

to the Spring sky.


I am Red core

of an exploded star.

I left on Earth

to seek a Chimera.


Sad Spring

during the mourning

your flowers cry.

The tears of sorrow

shall not become

a source of great sadness

for people who wait

the resurrection

of their souls.




ELENI IOANNOU is from Kavala, Greece.___Writes poetry, is involved in painting and photography.___She has attended theater, creative writing, architectural design, painting, photography, singing and piano classes. She participates in seminars when she gets the chance because she likes to refresh her knowledge.___She has studied Fashion Design, Interior Design and Makeup Artist in schools in Athens. During her studies, she has taken part in group painting exhibitions and fashion shows.___She has participated in photography galleries of Fotografos magazine, in group photography exhibitions, in painting exhibitions such as "Artistic May 2016", Cheap Art, REMbrand name at Gallery Lola Nikolaou, etc.___Her poems have been awarded in Greece and abroad and are available in electronic and printed form, in ebooks and poetry anthologies. Her photographs and paintings have also been recognized and awarded.___She is in constant action and feels lucky because she is doing what she loves and expresses herself. After all, life is too short to be sad...

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