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Some Poems


Nothing, but pearls on the neck

of a beautiful oriental dancer...

Or sabers in the hands of the samurai;

fingers on the trigger

of the soldiers in the trench;

the noose on the convict's neck...

Sparkles on the snow,

and the children's joy

at the dreamless night,

while snowflakes caress the glade

and the slope down the hill...

Mesmerizing elixir

in a drunkard's bottle;

the primordial sorrow

of the unfortunate,

who asks for bread,

under the sky so blue...

Pulsating happiness in the veins

full of dopamine, or

the misunderstood

old man’s last groan...

Theory of relativity

in the program-minded head,

or the sun in the eyes

of time traveler,

who knows,


he sees,



he’ s




there are some poems,

like pearls on the neck of





eastern dancer...

©® Zlatan Demirović


The Stone


I am a stone, and behold, I exist,

out there, and in the dark.

And all those who see me

in the palm of their hands

glistening from the quartz

and those, who think of me

on the farewell when I am launched

from a child’s slingshot into the park...

I'm stone, and I’m here,

on the hardened Balkan soil

where I have witnessed a million years go by

And in the the middle of the ancient world

that is in the dust that drifts

into a glorious sunset sky.

You can call me various name

that you cannot ever tame

Mostar-bridge, guilty tower,

or, simply, stećak-tomb

that bares the brunt of the shame.

All those who believe only in force,

will find me hiding in the white house,

the symbol that lies of being

the world’s greatest power.


which defiantly defies the landscape,

and all the magic white towns, I am.

I'm a message keeper from a million years

of uprise, and disappearance...

Time intend to talk, but how,

as it does not exist

when the words are woven

into a liar’s evil twist.

Because I am that,

saving all the knowledge

for those chosen, yet to be born.

I am a handful of pain

with ashes of suffering sprinkled on me...

I'm a cornerstone and a tombstone

of a culture doomed to wither and die...

I'm even a border stone,

and, if I knew the boundaries,

I would be a man

that walks crippled by his war

wounds that he refuses to atone.

By crystal edge I’m softly splitting

the sun's rays, sending them to the obelisk,

which shows the day time,

on the elegant plane,

where in every particle,

by words, beliefs,

hopes and tears,

from the primary beginning

all have been written

in a language long forgotten

I am a stone, behold, I exist...

©® Zlatan Demorović


While Hearts Are Beating


 While they shoot at each other,

 their hearts still beat,

 regardless of thoughts without tears,

 all kinds of ideas, only fears,

 with the only goal, to hit!


But hearts do not think,

do not guess, rather,

they know very well

and they have power,

while they hold the key to life,

they also connect

with other hearts,

wherever they are

and whichever side they are on...


They beat,

and we are not interested in that magic,


it's how we were taught,

that it's just an organ,

but not the lighthouse

and the only one

navigator through life,

which we must follow,

and without it, we are lost

in the middle of the unknown sea...


In the duality of separation,

through the prism of subjectivity,

for us are visible and separated,

only: "They", "We",

and in the middle of everything,

our lost and vulnerable "I"!


While hearts are beating,

they are still shooting and hitting...


all until


hearts are beating...

©® Zlatan Demirović-USA




ZLATAN DEMIROVIĆ: Bilingual book writer, novelist, critic, internationally acknowledged poet, and trilingual translator (English, Czech, Bosnian-Croatian-Serbin languages).* The founder of PRODIGY LIFE ACADEMY and author of the PRODIGY LIFE PROGRAM, which serves as a platform for spiritual and personal development.* Founder and Editor in Chief of PRODIGY PUBLISHED USA (publishing, promoting books, self-developing programs, anthologies of world multilingual poetry etc.) * DOCTOR OF HUMANITY of PRIXTON CHURC & UNIVERSITY-Milwaukee, USA (2021) * HIGHER HONORARY DEGEE of ACADEMY OF ART AND CALIGAPHY-EGYPT (2021). * MEMBER of the ADMINISTRATION COUNCIL THE MOMENT INTERNATIONALNEWS-USA * Admin advisor for POETRY AND LITERATURE WORLD VISION, EACRITORES SIN FRONTIERAS. * Winner of the "Arab World Award for Creativity in the World Poetry Field for 2021" organized by the "Arab Media World Foundation London-United Kingdom". * Multiply awarded as a poet, philanthropist, and humanist. * His poetry, novels, essays, and critics have been published and presented in various literature magazines, radio, TV, media streams and participated in many anthologies around the world. * Author and Editor-in-chief of anthology “COMPASSION-Save the world” (130 renowned authors from all around the world in only one poem titled COMPASSION). * Author and Editor-in-chief of anthology “Bangladesh English Poets” (27 renowned authors from Bangladesh), Pakistani English Poets (25 renowned authors from Pakistan) and more than 200 books other authors . * Founder and editor of Prodigy Magazine 2022 Books published: PRODIGY LIFE; 4 STEPS TEACHING FOR SELF-HEALING; GENIUS MINDSET TRAINING; PAIDA LAJIN SAMOIZLJECENJE; POETRY COLLECTIONS 1,2,3 (All published in USA, by BALBOA PRESS, AMAZON, PRODIGY PUBLISHED). Translated into: Italian, French, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Swedish, Greek, Turkish, Chinese, Russian, Japanese, Hindu, Bengal, BCS (Bosnian, Croatian, Serbian), Albanian, Dutch, Hausa Nigerian, Arabic, Aleut (Alaska), Pakistan, Bahasa-Indonesia, Kurdish, Persian, Azerbaijan, Tajik, Bulgarian, Romanian, Hebrew, Punjabi, Slovenian, Czech, Slovak, Tamil, Uzbek, Kyrgyz, Nepali, Assam, and more, on the way.

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