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Peace Of The Goddesses


Choir of Goddesses

. Totally be-we will, we are and we were...

Floating on the azure sea of the sky,

Without life Stars, sidereal waves,

On the empty shore of the primordial world,

I anchor smoothly the ship of the soul.

The dream with the living reality I intertwine it, In

the fractal of light-n the void, the immensity

of the reality-i dream ... dream reality?

Portal to happiness in the flight of thought I walk.

They light up in love from boundless longing...

Pair suns, die of longing, two by two.

On the waves of the Abyss, eternally living drill, towards you.

The Little World Whole, Me, now I'm flying!

Rusty suns, faded flight of longing out of the ram.

Totally be-we will, we are and we were...


dances At sunrise of the night, peace sings, Dances

of peace are written, on wings in the sky

Wrapped in mysteries... under mystery.

There is a soul illuminating peace...

Silence breathes Sun, Silence,

Night of fate from the primary story,

Pulsars that inspire in wedding fairy tales ...

On the blue Lotus, shine it star.

Silences of polar star exhale in the distance

Dream of Peace at night rise,

Flight of love in the lights of fate,

White wings are reborn from afar.

At night rise, golden thoughts flow,

thoughts that awaken through peace, living ideas!


If you were the light

Because I LOVE YOU, I would do whatever

I give you my heart, my life,

Because I LOVE YOU, I would be somehow

If you were my light or my guide.

Because I LOVE YOU, my heart portal

Sweetheart, please enter into my

essence Because I LOVE YOU, I will be alive fractal

If you would be my light or guide.

Because I LOVE YOU, my Portal

Spirit Beloved, please enter into your

essence Because I LOVE YOU, Fractal

Soul Eye You would be my light or my Spiral.

Because I LOVE YOU, heart tor portal...

Because I LOVE YOU, your fractal cube circle...

Choir of the Goddesses - Mithra- Isis - Mute -Eve -Shakti

Like a mouthful of heaven

We follow the gates of heaven latched by sins, The

Pax-green splinter from the infernal pit

What sucks the pulsars truth through the

spiral In a whirlpool I breathe free spirals.

C-a desperate scream from where

Suffocating feelings to weave me abyssal,

In body and spirit on the canvas of the portal eye, Place

my love from the pyre that burns it.

Hide it in the soul of bellicose stars, To

soar through you purple stream in green wave, Like

a mouthful of heaven that nectar and loses,

Lips to soar from my frothy lips.

I'm waiting for you for an eternity woven of thrill

To fly out of the net - cube, war in Pax with longing...


If you were the light

Because I LOVE YOU, I would do whatever

I give You my heart, my life,

Because I LOVE YOU, I would be somehow

If you were my heart, my circle, my guide.

Because I LOVE YOU, the heart of the portal

tor Beloved, please enter into my

essence Because I LOVE YOU, I will be fractal

tor Of you being the light through my spiral.

Because I LOVE YOU, the Spirit of the portal

tor Beloved, please get into your

essence Because I LOVE YOU, the Soul of the fractal

cube Of you being a tetrahedron, my merkabah.

Because I LOVE YOU, heart tor portal...

Because I LOVE YOU, your living fractal circle...


LXXXII. If you were the light

Because I LOVE YOU, I would do whatever

I will give You my heart, my life,

Because I LOVE YOU, I would be somehow

If you were the light, the tour, my guide.

Because I LOVE YOU, my heart portal

Beloved, please enter into my

essence Because I LOVE YOU, I be-I will fractal

circle Of you be my light or my merkabah.

Because I LOVE YOU, my Portal

Spirit Beloved, please enter into your

essence Because I LOVE YOU, Soul, fractal

torus You would be the light tor my Spiral.

Because I LOVE YOU, The Cardioid portal...

Because I LOVE YOU, your living fractal Cube...


Pretend to the eye of Horus

of life boat that bloomed lotus time

In a seed of life on the spot turns

Stretch your dreams over the boat, give it shape

Of the root Isis will climb into Olympus.

With rainbow ropes I sewed it

from the Blue Portal from the rainbow, By

the thought of the eye to inspire it to hard

To fall, alive I caught it or I reborn it.

And my time will come to fly out of clay...

Of life, of love for the two of us...

In your life Lotus Flower from the graft.

Let's catch it as I saved you in the beginning!

It's your turn to be of The Flower Life,

Preface yourself to Horus eye, Sun God!


Through The Eye of Horus,

make room for Prayer!

The key to tranquility in me struggles

And flies like longing praying in the torus of pulsar, Smell

the proportion of the quasar muses, Flying

only with oneself in the portals staring.

The song of my Peace is contemplated in the West,

the Flower Life swallows me in the light,

the Star-mi mirror soars divine peace,

Rainbows of dreams flow from Rest.

I listen as the Prayer

of putting my words latched to my soul and Twilight,

Through the shaktic dance, hears me The Demiurg,

On the gate of my spirit, re-enters the Vision.

Humanity-dressed in the Prayer of the Moon, Through

the Eyes of Horus, make room for Prayer!


Humanity-nestled in the Athena wave

The key of silence in me struggles and flies like the wind praying

in the pulsar nimble, Smelling

sunrises from the quasar muses,

Flying only with oneself in the staring portals.

My song of Peace is contemplated in the living Dream,

Of life the Sun bathes us in the light, the

Star-mi mirror soars the divine ray,

Rainbows of dreams flow from Arthemis.

I listen as mother Hera

Waltzes in my soul And Iunona,

through the shaktic dance, hears me Persephone

On the gate of my spirit, Demeter enters again.

Humanity nestled in the Athena wave,

Through the Horus eye, enters Hestia!


Of the eternal peace dreaming of my

bosom Peace soars on Mars that perishes...

Today, I look ra at your living eyes that

absorb Me spirally, with delight, I

feel alive in my soul, the wave of caress...

Flight, and peace I exhale my sigh, Inside

me, as the mountain grows

my Joy, happiness, the sea keeps increasing us, When

my dream breast with a dream I caress smoothly... smooth.

The spirit, gently through flight we shiver, I

could, O, Aton, always feel alive

of the eternal peace dreaming to my bosom, When

the Lotus Heart smoothly, vividly trembles.

But I breathe... I inspire dream, eternal peace, Exhale

Blue, Ephemeral Lotus...

All the goddesses

Let the wind beat alive of peace, exalt the desire!

I would ascend into flight to heaven like the savior,

To be able to eternally look at the soul,

That I forgot the word to follow them, to honor it!

To ask for forgiveness, to love, to feel my Creator,

To unite heaven with earth, through love, longing,

To visit, to die of longing in flight, even parents!

To kiss my forehead, to bring me the saints.

May they come back on an immortal longing thread

in the Soul, Spirit to plant my faith again, Let

me get lost in illusory dreams on the earth!

With the root deeply embedded in eternity!

Let the wind beat alive of peace, high desire!

Let the world know, let all man hear:

Truth, Death does not exist, Christ has risen!


Shanti's Peace


Shanti - By Pax Return to longing, beyond place - time.

Return to longing

I the little universe flies – longing easily, right now

I am the Great Universe-of-grace

The law is thought, the light of creation?

The mystery that permeates him alive, now, out of the way.

Inseparable rainbows seen, With

Glitters - thought, wind of spark,

With gushing -purplish thought.

White-pink-golden lights, of unseen Longing.

The correlation of the place-time wave superposition.

Until Your consciousness comes into play,

your wisdom, its collapse.

Consciousness collapses from void to alive while

Vibrating trills, waves, super cords through Olympus, Through

Pax Return to longing, beyond place-time.


 New beginning of the star

We drink water from the spring of white unicorns attracted to death

By the quiet and peaceful spirit in stellar nights,

lying down on the weddings of pale stars.

The heated oryx housed in the heart, deep in whispers,

On the horns of the unicorns, a new beginning of the star...

Pairs of faded stars show us flights untried,

We fly on the mane of the licorns, virgins closed, Like

pigeons to the infinite star, from my heart.

Freshmen of fear, wave of hatred, tsunami raise

the Freshmen of love, harmony, fulfilled consciousness.

Flowers can be awakened, you want, you see them blooming.

With love, with happiness or with playful love.

Awakened in the infinitely unraveled form of immensity.

Rays of generosity, love, kindness!


The same flight we are

To be one with the Source, you feel eternally in freedom,

to melt into it, making a living reality.

Peace through generosity, love, kindness,

Be-will eternally awakened in your infinite white reality.

Seeds of fear, wave of hatred, tsunami raise

Seeds of light of fulfilled consciousness.

Both can be awakened, if you want, you see them sprouted.

With love, with happiness or with playful love.

A love a heart, as it was from the beginning.

We are one with the Source of Peace, in the Sun freedom,

of the Pure Truth light, the eternally reborn,

we melt smoothly into the eternal reality.

A single quantum soul in a unique, eternal flight of longing.

The same flight we are, totally eternal, infinitely alive smooth flight.


The mystery of creation

Rainbow beings know what is the whole transformation

Conscious Alchemy, Intention, hypothesis

, Transformation of vibration into flight with a light speed

Harmony of emotions, beatings of flower life.

Key mystery in the spiral of consciousness, even intention, Freedom-s

enlightenment, Wisdom in buttermilk,

Awareness, sip Seeds of enlightenment, Beloved

Man, do not forget, The pure Secret of Intention.

I the Little Universe, the Great Universe of

Grace Correlation, the inseparable light seen, With

the Longing for Rose, a dream of unseen light.

The mystery that permeates it now, is the very law of creation.

To be one with the Source, you feel eternally in freedom,

To melt into it, making reality alive!


The mystery of peace When a human soul pull

the heavy curtain of the

self to stand face to face with pure, ethereal love.

Like the light in a flame of life, eternal, When

life comes out of the wandering of the self.

As if watching Shakti create a world-I,A

deadly leap from the abyss into the reality of essence, Through

the consciousness of eternity, is a sign of existence, When

it finds in its soul oneness with God.

Pairs of faded stars show me untried flights, In

the sky sings light and darkness, pair.

On earth he dances life with death, as an unpaired.

The ancestral dance message of enchanted creation.

On the ridges of the licorns, tamed by the virgins, from

the Mystery of Peace from falling stars, we taste smoothly.


A thread of immortality

you call me Aton? Exchange stitches on a pair of gold?

For your love, do silversmiths give you sonnets?

And ask for your missing and longing pawns,

With usury closed in my avarice treasure?

You'd know! every letter that I write to you would be more precious

To you Like thousands of brilliants from the foreheads-partridges;

Cosmonaut dreamer through the heavenly seas, I

toss my spirit out of the eternal spirit to tame them...

And I'm not complaining that maybe your love deceives me, Not

how liar the coin that slips me, That

I feel how heavy and dry it sounds to me sometimes, And

do not even tickle the mind under the polished fad, But

lotus squeeze verb beyond the wires, And

any stich that you give is a thread of immortality.


Aton's Peace



XCIV. On the path of the Sun

Up there in the sky, the star of

life You god Aton, generous souls-warm, Freshmen

of peace through the portal re-flow.

With your ray, in the living eye of beauty.

Kiss alive the eternally fruitful light,

What in the gift has given us the good God...

In the Soul you put love, you enlighten us to hard.

Kiss through the rainbow the spirit of flower life.

Your light drop of blessing, Divine

wisdom you wear through the rays...

To the most thirsty desert you give holy oases.

In sad moments we sip you with ardor.

On the way of the sun, happiness grows, You

give the world time, holy, life you bear fruit love.

 Choir - The dance of Shakti

Shakti (voice on a musical background,

play of white-purplish lights, smell of rose)

I AM the beloved Goddess-gate of the Lion-heart, of

Happiness Alchemy, of the serene flame, Of

the Goddess of pure, angelic, divine love, Through

the flower of life incarnate alive, hidden in the heart.

From Sirius, of the existence of the library, lotus magnet

from the core of the galaxy, holy alignment,

Atlantis, Lemuria and Egypt, from ancient eras, Of

the akashic library rhymes-n sonnet.

From these timelines, from the golden

age I come in this time line, we get rid of the curse,

What potential is the supreme potential,

Ocean possibilities, we change lives, the era of the laurel!

The purpose of the spirit and the reverie of the heart, the portal.

Truth, love and forgiveness, peace pattern, fractal.

Atman Shanti (in golden

yellow robe dancing ritually recites on a musical background)

I penetrate deeper... emotional detachment, compassion,

Lack of judgment and perspectives! Intuitive!

Energy of happiness in the collective conscious!

The Trinity of the gods of light appears, wonder!

Enter the temple of higher perspectives!

I activate their shield of light around the Infinite Signs

Sphere, twelve peaks of the Star,

A portal of light... peace, peace, activation!

Horus's eye alive, three Lotus flames of the Oasis.

Balance, wisdom and intention miss, On

the silver moon and the golden Sun cloud

I drink alive Red, Yellow and Blue Lotus of the Ray!

Of the Sun Temple of light, golden mirrors, Towards

the shrines of Red, Yellow and Blue Lotuses.


The eye of the

root Today the splashes of peace of the four stars, Are

the eye of the root, the longings of the mother.

The fractal splashes fly out of the ocean of Karma

And from the seeds of spirit drips from them...

It yawns the sunset from somewhere, from flowers,

Kiss your shadow left in the mirror,

I twist the splashes of longing, the first time

the Window of the pink spirit, open them to the creeps.

The gaze dances us through the rains of fate, If

I see your warm eyes through the drizzle of stars.

Intentions, Waterfalls, of heavy rains of longings...

To be able to return the breath in dead flowers, Today

you remain the pink mirage, the purple rain of suns, I

sip you drops of longing, peace overflows clouds.


XCVIII. Is Free Only Aton God?

The sky kisses the earth, the torrent of rains, The

earth kisses the sky, the circle of flowers.

I closed the spirit not to enter again the creeps;

The Truth asked us again:

"Now where else shall I enter you?"

My love foulness is...

She wants thrill through the story again...

If there is still in the world Free God,Take

love in gift, not fear, fully, To

blow sacred time on the spiral-n flight, To

You drink the tor, immortal dream through longing,Of

death naked, of eternal peace all full.

Is Free only Aton God, the one who

loves freedom through the spirit, is it?




ROMANESCU SALOMEEA: Romanescu Salomeea holds a PhD in the History of International Relations and European Integration - European Integration of Central and Eastern European Countries and Postgraduate European Studies - Center International pour la Formation Europeenne - International Center for European Training (CIFE), Nice, France and Department of Political Science and European Affairs, University of Cologne, Germany. He has a European Master in Human Rights and Democratization - Human Rights and the Democratization Process. University of Padua. He is interested in Conflict Resolution and Peacebuilding for Representatives of Minorities and Indigenous Peoples, UNITER Geneva, - UN, Landegg Academy, Switzerland, Studied 24 foreign languages ​​including Sanskrit and Hindi - through studies at the National Institute of Languages and Oriental Civilizations, France, University of Bucharest.She is interested in creating a new integrative theory of knowledge that brings together the natural, social, applied sciences, world view and ethics that will lead to the creation of an international system that will create peace through literary work dedicated to the theory of everything but also through thesis of Postgraduate Academic Studies in International Relations and European Integration, National School of Political and Administrative Studies, Bucharest and studies of spirituality and quantum medicine, in the training of the leaders of the world spiritual-informational elite, cosmomanism, cosmology, history of religions. His theory is applied in his poetic work but also in his profession of Business Advisor, Coordinator Training Cycle and training of trainers in the field of management of structural instruments and European affairs, Ministry of Public Finance, Ministry of European Integration. He was a School inspector, Ministry of National Education.She has published Poems for children - Poems for children, philosophical poetry in numerous Anthologies with philosophical poetry awarded first place nationally and internationally. The poem of the healing of humanity encrypts the Theory of Everything capable of secreting a peaceful, integrated societal model of earthly soul happiness.

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