Wednesday, March 1, 2023



The Moaning Of A Leaf


 The moaning of the leaves under your shoes

 makes me cry

 The window did not understand the leaf

 The window did not follow the path of the bird

 The moaning of the leaf on the way to the ground made me cry

 As the moon falls from the tree branches

 made me cry

 White Rain is standing on the threshold of the door

  Black Rain has hidden all my tears in its pocket


Pause Of Gaze


The sky turns into a mirror by a romantic pause of your gaze

     Your pictures keep passing through the elegance of the doors

     An eyelid that does not close when you come

     And night comes from vain repetition to the new creations of the moon

     There is no gravity on earth

     Except repeating our footsteps

     which is parallel

which is the interference of two inverted pictures

With reflecting the unity of two thoughts

That confirms the movement of the roots of life


Marry On The Moon


  The moon breathes in the mouth of me and you

  I am standing at the beginning of a kiss

  And the moon repeats me and you again in a short pause

  Your breath reads like silk on my shoulders

  I am standing at the beginning of a caress

  And the dream suddenly turned in your heart like a bridesmaid

  The moon breathed again

  And the marriage of the myths took place on the moon


ELHAM HAMEDI (Shiraz, Iran, March8, 1967) is an international multimedia artist, poet and curator, a permanent member of the Iranian Visual Arts Scientific Association, with a master's degree in art research from Yazd University, and a bachelor's degree in radiology from Shiraz University, Winner of the  International Literary Award 2022 named "Women For Culture and For Peace" award (MESTRE/VENEZIA), “International Prize for Peace and the Defense of Human Rights “( Toscolano Maderno), one of the poetesses selected for participation in First International Iside Prize (( IX Edition )Literary Arts 2021( Procida-Italy). She is present with her poetic and artistic works in numerous international anthologies and prestigious international magazines and websites, and also Personal and International Group Art Exhibitions.

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