Sunday, April 1, 2018



For Syria, 2015

I'm going, you're going,
we all go alongside each other

and no one can hear anyone.

How come,

the souls do not talk to each other.

How come,

they do not talk about their sadness,

about their hidden tear,

that everyone carries it, as drops

at the edge of the cloud,

just waiting to drop down.

My heart wants to share

and divide itself across the world.

To give everyone a little bit of its soul.

And why not?

When the soul is big and eternal.

Why not?

My soul wants to jump

from here to Mexico at night,

or to Syria where,

mothers dead children guard

where a sister, sister is singing

a song of sorrow,

and where you can´t see the rainbow

colourful and happy anywhere.

The clouds are immediately driving it away

with fear and say:

Hide yourself!  At least you!

Someday we will need you again,

Hide yourself, my rainbow, because then

we will be left alone.

The Sun and the clouds.

And who will then adore us?

While the other children will be born

a lot of distant water will flow,


We don´t know,

if they will come back to us

or are we waiting every night

in the silence,

for a new life and  new people.

Hide yourself rainbow,

hide yourself from the people.

For Afghanistan, 2015

Smell today

one more the air,

tomorrow it will be the smell of the lie.

Touch the trees one more now,

tomorrow they will be

only our dream.

Kiss today one more time your child,
maybe tomorrow it's quickly gone

and abandoned from the life.

When the bombs

are flying in the deep

and our hearts breaks and bends and weep,

when the dust blinds our eyes

and all disappears so as our life

then do not cry!

The tears will not erase the fire of the human beast

Get up and go,

the sky has always been more

beautiful than the earth.

It is not black,

it does not burns like a fire.

Everything beautiful

from the earth

has been to the heaven moved

and an earth in peace

is the only a dream of tomorrow.

Whoever will it dream, is hidden from me!


We have no memories,

behind us will be

just remembrances.

We don’t have

the hugging of the bodies.

Nothing, only our souls

which in embrace shiver

and kill each other in the yearn.

We, separated by life

which it wasn’t life

just a dream and illusions,

we are only dreaming these

little bit of humans happiness.


ELVIRA KUJOVIĆ, is a poet with migration background. She is a bilingual poet. She was born in Serbia, but she has been living in Germany since 1992 and since 2013 she successfully writes poetry. The first book in German »A poem screaming out of my chest« was published in Berlin in 2016. The second book in Serbian language entitled "Love and fear" is published in Belgrade by the publisher "Alma" in 2017 and also Italian language under the name "L`Amore e la paura" in 2018. The third book is titled "The Last Coffee" and is published in the USA in 2018. Her poems are translated into several languages. She is writing about human rights, society critical poems and of course about love.

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