Sunday, April 1, 2018




The seagulls beyond that tiny shining silky tunes
Underneath the skin where I am writing the words of the broken dwelling
There in a distant island dancing with elves
Comming by the grey icy eve on the chamber door
A crown of pearls on your stunning head is still raining
You take the scent and go
Far away from every limit
Bounded with the pains
Old cities are cold and golden
You enter silently in every page
But not I,
you can't keep my hand you simply can't
Its like the feather of that seagull beyond the misty waters of distant islands
You can't see beyond the silky words written on the clouds skin
You simply can't go the blue paths underneath the soil where all seeds are sleeping
Until the spring comes
And makes them plants of freedom
You simply can't
On your head there is always that raven
That crying of old times
Your guarding master
And I remain here in this shelter of grass  and pearls made from the grandmother
You are forgetting that Lady
She created life...
You simply can't


As you can’t keep this forgotten ray
This word bounded by flame, cry
And the cloud of an empty sky falls wherever raining
The unspoken sound of silence plays inside the stone
So I silently go off as the raven feather
And there I am falling now and then
Insider as I am and not I,
Birds are falling every where
Now and then

“We the next island” (!)
Coming with the wind
In the Sunday dinner
When you see the next island existing
We, the deserted island…

I talk to my flower
The unsaid words of rain
Hidden in the limits of nonexistence
That watering mouth
Waves and waves innocently bone and flesh
The grown pain, ancient illness of gloomy steps
If I don’t step there is a mirror in my wonderland
A lost inch of heaven into yours fallen eyes on every inch of the skin
I stay on the same soil and plant another flower of sadness
As the wind could come and makes it a poem or a salvation

So I said everything naked in front of your lilies
When you say and accept love and death the same
The beginning of every world and all hidden worlds
So I wrote every word every sound of silence
By the solid drop of water
And if there is no sea or ocean
Could I stay paralyzed in any shape?!
Could I be not sad, not mad?
The most difficult tag song and flame
So I send you every form of cloud, every colour of that rainbow
Every weigh of sand, soil and stone, every plant,
And all the solitude
Of words
Not I!!!
A poem


ENTELA SAFETI-KASI: Albanian PEN President and Ambassador for Peace Albanian poet, novelist, translator and essayist, was born in Korça in 1975. She is graduated for English Language in 1998. She is awarded with scholarships by the Council of Europe and the British Council, in UK, ‘Human rights and education’ in 2004, and by the Council of Europe and the Academy of Bad Wild Bad, ‘Intercultural Education’, in Germany 2008. She holds the title European trainer, recognized by the European Commission in 2010, and she is actually working for PHD into Albanian studies within the focus into Albanian language and literature. She is the author of many books into Albanian and foreign languages, actually she is holding the position of the President of the Albanian PEN, and she is also a well known intellectual in the cultural life of Albania. She has worked for the board of IN search Committee of PEN International from 2012-2015. She is awarded national and international awards in literature, and her works are translated in different languages and are published in many literary magazines in Albania and abroad. She also writes for the Albanian journals and daily press within the focus in social movements and cultural analyses. She is the author of ‘Nameless dreams’, ‘The time for the horse’, ‘Gloomy night’, ’The Harvest of Christmas’, ‘Metaphors cant’ be given”. She is the translator of the contemporary poetry collection, Metaphors can’t be gifted, and she has also translated ‘Memories of Mirrelle’ of Eugene Schoulgin and ‘Musica Mundi’ of Casimiro de Brito. She has also been invited as the guest writer by different Universities in Albania and abroad, focused on Albanian literature movements, freedom of Expression in post communist societies and human rights. She is awarded with the Certificate of Gratitude from different organizations and municipalities in Albania, Kosovo, Montenegro and Macedonia. She is awarded with the Literary Prize of the Association of the Albanian Writers in Macedonia, Skopje 2008. She is awarded amongst the PEACE Poets in Izmir, Turkey 2007. Her poetry is translated and published in different anthologies, magazines and reviews into Macedonian, Bulgarian, Turkish, Italian, Spanish, French, English and many other languages.

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