Sunday, April 1, 2018




It almost scares me
this intimate feeling of peace
deep penetrating
that gives the sense of suspension
of detachment

Noises and anxieties
seem to have vanished
in the sweet air
of  the evening

But a sudden thought
like the hoarse cawing
of a crow
among goldfinches
merrily twittering
disturbs this quietness

How long will it last
I wonder
in the silence
the awe of the elusive
of the unpredictable
poisons the air

And the fears
of impending storms
destroying the garden of roses
with care cultivated
over the time
invades my mind and spirit
@ Maria Miraglia


Far as the stars
shining at night
on the dark canvas
the time together
but Ican still feel
the scent of the lilies
in that home
whose windows are closed
since that gloomy days

The sun comes back
and rises the moon
again and again
the colours of the seasons
seems to be the same
and so the murmurs
of the rivers/ waters flowing
to their mouths
but the perception of joy
when with you
my guide my angel

And I can still hear
your reassuring voice
and feel the touch of your hand
on mine
when talking to me
of life and love
with words of wisdom

(vorrei incontrarti
per le vie del mondo
per prendermi cura di te)

Where are you Mom
do you love me still
@ Maria Miragli


The inspiring muse
knocks on the doors
of my soul
and offers me emotions
to translate into words

A sort of anxiety
besets me
wherever I be
I look for a pen
or a pencil
a sheet
to stop the thoughts
I fear may fly away
like leaves torn off by the wind
or fade away
as falling stars
come who knows
where from

And the sheet tinges with words
in sequences of meanings
that emerge
not searched
not invoked
to resonate like music
whose notes
I didn't  know before.

Maria Miraglia

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