Sunday, April 1, 2018




Not all are worthy
To wear the wings
Of virtue and truth
Every feather distinguish
Struggle, test and deed
The burden of lifetime
responsibility and anguish
Not all beings are designed
To wear these wings
For its is by grace
That we are spared
From deadly things
they are earned
With toil and pain
every feather was
Created to withstand
World’s winds and rain
Unworthy you may feel
On days when you’re stained
In soiled sin
Barring it’s weight
From the paths you’ve been
Claim your wings
With pride and conviction
Cause these wings are given
To those with Gods glory
Of purpose and mission
Angel Bell (c)2018


Never would she admit
To anyone ~let alone herself
He’d become ~ her addiction
The taste of longing
Became her comfort
Her tormentor~ her obsession
She couldn’t understand how
It got this bad......!
The hoping ~ the  expectation
.........Of seeing him
One glimpse was better
Than to miss his wink
One word was better
Than to miss~ his smile
Cause their “ thing”
Has been going on a fair while
Ahh yeahhh
adrenaline ~ rushing
Blood ~ pumping
Heart ~ racing
Every time they’re ~ facing
Then the ~ spiralling
Questioning and self doubting
On or off
yes or no
Was it just the thrill
Or was she just~so into him
An adrenaline junkie
Fantasy, fiction or real
Angel Bell (c) 2018


If red is the colour of love
Then l cover my heart
With the vivid passion
Of our love
Your spirit and your strength
Drives me to the edge
Knowing you are there
To carry me to the end
Of our journey
For we are the same
Just covered
in different colours
Of spiritual glory
Angel Bell (c) 2018


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