Sunday, April 1, 2018




Where were you hiding,
I was looking for you all day
I asked the wind
Who was running like a hungry horse
If the droplets of rain took you with them
No answer from him…

Maybe you’re hiding behind a rainbow
And you forgot, playing with the colours
And the small sunrays?
Or did you get lost at the edge of my dreams
At breaking dawn?

I keep screaming at the top of my lungs
Until I can’t anymore
And dripping  sweat
Im waken up


Very lucky is the one who will be able to
Open the cellar of the soul
If he finds it enjoyable
He should keep the key

With that key to open it,
When he feels loneliness
Every heartache will go away
So the heart  eill be ligher

Sadness, pain to sow
Passion, hidden happiness
Tightly to hold
The dreams he wants


Your smile is like
A sparkling star
In my heart inside
Like eternal life

The gentle summer wind
And nights chilliness
Dawn will bring
The white dress

The golden streaks of the sun,
Will become one with your hair
And a small dewdrop
Drips down your cheek

Another woman stands on your lips
When you smile widely
And throws around white Jasmine leaves
I catch them in my hand


One August night
Right there, where the sea starts
I wait on the sand
For love to come

She came like an angel on earth
Dressed in all white
She holds a key ,
With pixie dust around her
And my stone cold heart
Love warmed and opened
In the nets she gets caught
She cant leave!

Dreaming makes life
Like a blossomed garden
And bright as the sun
Cuddled up to you


Mrs. MARY KOULENTIANOU was born in Argos, a city in Argolida, Peloponnese. Mary Koulentianou  is a Greek contemporary poetess and painter. She was a member of “Lyceum Club of Greek Women” in Argos. She is a member of the Poetas del Mundo. In her painting she portrays the reality of everyday life. Images, people, sceneries, colors, beauty, thoughts, visions and hopes inspired her to write her beautiful poems.

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