Sunday, April 1, 2018




Imprisoned in a world without bars
Where twilight mist kisses the stars
Mountain peaks fornicate with the sky
As ocean winds dance and cry

Shades of passion burn with pain
Emerald majesty beguiles the arcane
Solar tears laugh in delight
Seductive luna romances the night

Raindrops whisper of mysteries
Soothing with sublime tranquility
Hissing sands soar with desires
Alluring the celestial to poetic fires


Owls Illuminate the dark
Reveling in the forbidden arts
Wolves howl for the snow
To blanket the world in frozen gold

Air embraces the life of man
Free to choose harmony or to conquer land
Playful islands sing and hide
Enchanting the angels to fall from pride

Cerulean waters caress the canvas
Roaring with symphony like a pianist
Blazing an Eden with the doves
Painting the world in endless love
© – J. Adam Snyder


I love the way she smiles at me

The way her lips curve at the side

As the sunlight paints her elegance

In sublime rapturous sight

I love the way she makes my heart sing

Dancing to her romantic beat

Feeling ecstatic in the heat

And making me yearn for more of her chemistry

I love the way she teases me

Flirtatious games that take me to a happy place

Sampling the sexual energy in the air

Tasting it upon your hot breath

I love the way her eyes sing at me

A bluish grey that glisten with such pristine

Drowning in there magic

And getting lost in their passion

I love the way she touches me

Her soft hands running across my skin

Grasping my hair in electric poetry

As I make her moan in a delightful symphony

I love the way she kisses me

Tasting the bliss that drips from her lips

How her tongue dances inside so freely

And the way she gets drunk from my ecstasy

Most of all though

I love the way she makes me happy

Like the sun kissing against the gloom

She’s my ray of light singing for the moon
©-J. Adam Snyder

Soul Erotica

(Dedicated to the sublime art of cunninglingus)

Lustful maiden standing in the sun

Her blissful wet body caresses my tongue

Squeezing me deeply into her thighs

Her soft steady moaning turns into cries

Electric fingers running through my hair

Commanding me on how to lick her flare

Warm delights racing through my mind

Sending her soul screaming into the sublime

Erotic passions under the light

Giving way to such a tasteful appetite

Reaching up to stroke her breasts

She begins to orgasm under my hot breath

Her heart beats in time with mine

Drumming ever louder as the sunlight dies

Throbbing moisture in my mouth

As her head rolls back into a howl

Legs form a noose around my neck

Ripping the sheets as the bed turns to wreck

Drenched in sweat her nudeness was my muse

As cool night air came in under the moon

My tongue was my paintbrush

Our passion now hush

Her body my canvas

As I licked my way to her satisfaction

© –


J. Adam Snyder is a 27-year-old artist who was born in Jacksonville, Florida, but currently resides in the Pacific Northwest. He has been writing since he was a teenager and has developed a strong affinity for the poetic art form because it allows his thoughts and soul to bleed upon a canvas. To put it in his words, "Poetry is the art of words fornicating with each other, it is the passionate copulation of language and the eternal mistress of the soul." When he's not busy pounding out new stories on the keyboard or sipping coffee, he enjoys pursuing the great pleasures in life such as sex and nature. Some of his favorite writers are Henry David Thoreau, Jack Kerouac, Charles Bukowski, and John Trudell.

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