Sunday, April 1, 2018




Sometimes it seems that our plan simply failed,
it seems the ship we took shouldn't have sailed,
the way we chose to go just seems so wrong
-but we shouldn't stop – instead we need to stay strong

Because maybe it was the right direction,
or we just needed some more protection,
maybe it was details that didn't work out:
So don't give up, think what this failure was all about

Maybe the time wasn't quite right,
maybe we didn't count in enough
-still this failure could shed some light:
It happened just to show us we're really rough

So remember what went wrong to learn,
because you don't have to forget the past,
because the goal for which you yearn
may be something that you would like to last

So don't get stuck, don't lose your hope, but go on,
because this is the way you can get most things done:
Maybe it was just coincidence and you should have won,
because for starting a change - sometimes it needs only one

So don't ask yourself - you'll just know how,
the path is found right inside your heart:
For the future is created just right now,
so all we have to do is make a start


Can you believe I'm sitting here,
just thinking about you, my dear?
I try to imagine what I need to do
to get my message through to you

Because where I really want to be
is just constantly at your side,
because what I would like to see
is for you to open your heart wide

So you could let love and happiness in
-I think for you this could be a big win,
if right then I could be there and share,
showing you about what I truely care…

How deep inside I really feel,
what it is that keeps me alive,
show you what can make you heal,
make you see how you can truely thrive…

I spent much time looking around:
You'd hardly believe the things I found…
I know that much time has passed us by;
this is nothing that I would deny

I don't ask for this time to come back,
but I found out what can help restore
I'm aware there's so much that I lack,
but if you doubt, look deep into my core

You'd know that what I say is true,
that I felt pain all the time through
even though I was busy all the time with so much to do…
I feel that my world is just not complete without you

So give me the chance to share
and I promise I'll go anywhere,
just so that I can be there
to show you how much I care
Good for your Heart

We are so much more than what others see
-even more than yesterday we used to be:
It is all in us - just waiting to break free
-all we need to do is follow our heart - and agree

If we want to create peace and harmony,
we need to be the change we want to see:
It starts with the things we put into our body,
with treating ourselves and others kindly

Even if you don't believe what I have to say,
you can trust that there will be some day
on which you feel that everything has turned to grey
-that's when you might overthink the role you used to play

If you walk on a good path - don't let yourself be lead astray,
but if you could do better - why not expand yourself this way:
Just go on to be a better version of yourself today,
for each step into the right direction leaves traces you might want to stay

We can make a difference with whatever we might choose to do,
we have an impact - even if we might not have had a single clue:
Every little piece counts - though it might have seemed to you
one is not enough - there can be many who feel the same way, too

In case you might feel I'm telling you that just out of the blue,
I have an idea of what I say - look into your heart, you know it's true:
Everything is changing now for me - it started before I even knew
-the influence of what I believed in even grew

So now I try to give yourself a help to start,
no matter if we might be close or very far apart…
It may look like it's not - but really it would be smart,
if you started living and eating in a way that's really good for your heart


In a world which we only can see
a distorted reflection of you or me,
it's hard to find the right way to go:
This goes beyond all that we used to know

If we can't trust on knowledge anymore,
we need to find peace inside our own core:
We should trust and follow our heart,
for anything else might drag us apart

We need to have trust in our chosen way,
we need to stay calm and believe in who we are:
We choose to live just day by day,
being guided by our own blinking star

The blinking might be caused by light,
though it may be surrounded by darkness
-it could easily get out of sight
but with faith it may lead us out of this mess

We may have to take a detour,
we may have some hardships to endure
-but as long as we have something to give,
don't ever lose hope for as long as you live

Things will certainly clear up with time passing by
just in your heart, you need to stick to your personal "why":
There is nothing you did without a reason for later on,
no important knowledge, once gained, will really be gone

Even if you have no single clue
what the way is, or what it is that you should do,
trust your inner light, it will lead you through,
because you are special - I will always believe in you


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