Sunday, April 1, 2018




No meaning of life without humanism
Since it needs caring from heart to heart
That should be put in mind
Whoever be there should have a feeling of humanism

Leads to humanistic as social task
That should be learned based on humanity
Let them thought and learned what the role of human there will be
Caused it is an essential be planted as a tree with many leaves

Let them know much what the meaning of life there will be
In case of human needs
That every body needs protections to achieve aims
That justice is important for man to run life

While oppression is the enemy
That life will be contrastive
Let the governance touche in heart how value of life there will be
That man may not be oppressed as what is liked

Let them keep humanism in life as an important role for human beings
Till this world will be smiling to gaze
That might not make people suffer a lot of injustice,violence and others
Which may not bring contrast in human mind


It was the first letter of mine
To state how lovely love be there
I submit the real one as I promised before
This is my first letter of love

Which is not as same as others'
Keep this in mind forever
As a promise of mine that never be broken
Be sure of the ink i used to write

The content is not a flattering
But it is a real one that expressed a deep love
Which can not be urged more than thousand words
That i am really in the love

Be sure of my words,,,be sure of my words
It is not a kind of fun
That makes a great fortune of lives
To show how bright of love there will be

Keep my first letter of love
That unites the heart be a golden fish
To evoke no emotion with a precious love
That really I am in the love written at the end of letter itself


No life avoids Compassion
It is one the purposes of life
It moves to what is liked
And will bring light in the lives

Compassion is a must in the lives
It arises spirit to live in
Tough this world is merely for a moment
As if will bring man to heaven

That should be kept in life
Is like a sparkling stars in the lives
To improve the way of life then
So as to fill empty feeling

When the light of lives is not bright
That should be kept well in mind
While the breath be in the flesh
That might be a golden sand to acknowledge

To make futurity be in the shining
Is like the sun providing brightening
That sparks in life wherever to go
Is like a candle in the night

Keep compassion in life
That might be a pearl to dream
Who knows compassion will be a apardise
Merely for existing life before going to die


siamir marulafau
She is my lover
Never i miss her away
My passion to her is like a pearl
We never separate
Are always hand in hand
We are in the love
It looks like Romeo and Juliet
There will be nothing in the world except
When we are in the same place
With the same feeling
She never betrays thy love
Whom i know further
That she is a real one
Who never makes disappointed
Since her face like a moon
Giving a sparkling light to thy lives
She is thy strenght
No life without her
As i guess in life
She is a flower
Looks like a rose
She is the fuel of thy heart
And never i miss in lives
Since she is like the sun
And like the sea
Never i get lost in travelling
Caused her smile like the sparkling moon
With no misunderstanding
Full of mutual understanding to run the lives
Hold our heart and hands together


Everybody is in love with other without exception
But sometimes the love is elogant and sometimes brings disaster
Which makes one be blamed
Affection is something might have brought positive or negatif affection for man's lives
This depends on how he runs the lives
Is like planting flowers in the garden of spring
Not only depends on the seasons
It might be depends on how he makes them grow effectively
Create affection in life that brings better life further
Rather than be like an evil to run the lives
Since life is like lighting affected by luxerious environment
That brings peace and happiness in lives
Affection is like a psychological environment be discerned
Whether it is right of not be accepted
That depends on how he feels or thinks to reject or not
As long as he is able to consider that affection is good ot not in the lives
And this might be an individual right to choose
Create affection in good moods so as to make life be more bright
Though life is just for a moment
And be a gold of lives being run
To avoid bad deeds like violence,murdering indicating criminal action in running the lives
That affection be one of positive impacts might be followed
As a result of doing good deeds
Affection is a serious phenomenon that be thought positively
That might brings a change to man's lives


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