Sunday, April 1, 2018




Under the sea darkness
darkness of ancient spirits
I saw. Then, I tried only the sky
to read, to understand Your holiness
when Apostle Paul speaking fervently,
like a flame, to ancient and contemporary
Athenian citizens said “Search for the divine”
Yes, the divine nests in our heart and soul
even when walking on the pavement of doubt
where a euro is a far away land all people search for
Athens, my international prayer
my inner prayer, spoken, whispered
felt to the core, even un-uttered on my skin
a prayer for a new era of more love and Peace
on my new land, in search for citizenship of inner self
© Roula Pollard


I had a dream, I saw the earth
pure on the first day of creation
I had a dream, Jesus healed
the blind man. He created his eyesight mixing clay,
water and earth in a glimpse of light.
I saw how He, miraculously healed
a blind soul with rays of His light.
I saw my soul, healed

I had a dream, Jesus healed
the blind soil of the earth today.
I had a dream, all souls on Earth
were healed
© Roula Pollard


It is Tuesday, perhaps next year
yesterday, today, or tomorrow
and the church bells passionately
ring a song for you
The sea
is my flower
our love cradle
I hold her as I hold
your hand, tenderly
like holding your breath
your smile, your return, your being
you, I am like her of many shades of blue
I am her, uncontaminated, untouchable sea
do not touch, do not dare pollute her again
you promise me, you love her unconditionally
you love her unpretentiously like you love me.
She is an unprotected child in the emptiness of words
a stray orphan is the sea, like a lost refugee orphan
she is a child
my child
of mine

Roula Pollard

ROULA POLLARD was born in Greece; she studied History and Archaeology at the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens and obtained an M.A. in Classics at Leeds University in England where she lived for 25 years establishing her international appearance in Letters. She is a celebrated Greek poet, writer, playwright, translator, literary promoter, and environmentalist. She has received international Poetry awards and participated in many international festivals. Her work has been included in more than twenty-five International Poetry anthologies and published in various literary magazines around the world, along her personal engagements, she promoted the work of more than 150 poets, writers, and artist worldwide. Roula has published three Poetry collections in Greek, also, her poetry collection “Century of Love” written in English  has received much critical acclaim. “Century of Love” has been translated into Telugu by the distinguished Indian poet, writer, and translator Dr. Lanka Siva Rama Prasad. She is translated in French, Italian, Albanian, Spanish, Hindi, Urdu and Telugu. She runs the group “Sharing Friends of the Arts Hollywood International” founded by the Senior Senator Pasqual Bettio (ret), she is on the Board of Directors of Atunis-Galaktika international Poetry Magazine. She advocates peace, the environment and a new humanism.    

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