Sunday, April 1, 2018




Do you see the stars in my eyes
They tell you thousand stories
Stories that you and I live
Both morbid and the wholesome symmetries
Do you see the look in my eyes
The look of the naive
seeking the unknown
No malice hold by hub
No deceit in action.
Hold your prejudice for a while
And look eye to eye
The galaxy holds its key
To the mysteries of the unanswered.
The call is Divine
Hypnotically drawing in to the unfathomable
The stars are here to guide
The Truth of our action.


When you know how to listen
When you know how or what to feel
When you see things and not just stare
Blank like a nonliving
When you know you got to stand up
And not push others to do the job
When you stop being or playing the victim
And take responsibility of your own
You know yourself better.

When you know you exist
And your errors are just skills to modify
You have a purpose in this world
And that purpose is not in destruction
Not in being indifferent but finding the goal you’re made for
Then you make the way through the untrodden path
You know yourself better.

When you are hurt, but you see the pain in others
When you are struggling
But you give a helping hand
When you stop showing your frowns
And wipe your tears and wounds
Though your energy is giving up
And you still do not lose your hope
You know yourself better.

You are not to end your life
You are not a vegetable to survive
Following rules like a drill or being senseless follower
Walking with cries and shrills
The Universe has gifted you with gems
All we need is to find yours
When you start loving yourself
You shall know you are loved
So make sure you know yourself better.


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