Sunday, April 1, 2018




I was dead drunk by a half of dream
Red wine invites you into the sin
Was really honeyed the first glass
Honeyed relished even the seventh cup!

I queered and the world came around me,
I became big mouth as never before,
“For you i jump in the fire don’t you believe,
I drink seven seas of wine, even more!”

You contemplated me quiet as temple
:crazy” you called me at that moment!
I swore that if i were dead i was able
For you to burn myself with sentiment!

Where si my fault, tell me i want to know
Is sin to be drunk by drinking wine?
If you lay down for love sake with glow
And Lord lurks in the lap, is not divine?!

So i’ll be drunk for all my llife, oh Lord,
I will implored for that dream forever!
And i’ll dream even in the other world
Drunk by your sweet kiss however!

I am not going to be the Aesop’s fox
We enjoyed that cup paid with our life
In that cup is the tears’ taste folks
With tears sings our fifth season’s fife!


You  couldn’t sleep tonight
I have seasons in your window
Let’s get covered with crib.
Come with me to hear secrets
The roses of those who are in love
Are waiting to blossom in the morning
Let the mattress with wrinkles in the night
And if you tremble from the coldness
I can become the fire for you.
Oh please!
For the light of the stars try just for once
To look at the seasons
Everything  has the name of the Spring.


I want to stop tonight
Let the moon talking,having tears
Just like me through the difficult years.
I want the stars to get burned tonight
Just for me
Just like me that I was getting burned for dozens of dark nights.
If only the sun got sweat behind the Earth
That night should belong to me.
I want to lie down to the carpet of the sky
in a virgin grass land,where every flower looks like a butterfly.

My love,give me just one kiss.


Please don’t talk this night
as quiet as your melancholy
let’s get fall asleep in its strange hands.
Tonight the stars are talking for us
magic witnesses of our first kiss.
I know what you are going to say
I can read it in your eyes
the fire on your lips
will not burn down
with these words
we have enough time tomorrow.
Come with me to pick a bucket of fire flies
instead of candles now.
We will wake up in the middle of the night
because of the nightingale.
Tomorrow my love ,tomorrow
with the light of the sun
we will have time for everything…


That were lost in the fog …don’t get jealous of them
I pushed them by myself
in the funnel in order to forget them
without your presence for years.

When from your words secretly
dispatches of happiness were coming
I could not find the source of happiness.

When i dream about you in the night
your eyes come to my dreams
just like white feathers of angels …
But when I wake up, you are not there with me.

We wear them out like pieces of food
but our soul travels forever
just for this reason i keep on going.


MYRTEZA MARA was born i Peschepiof Avlona in Albania at 7th of February 1943. He graduated the Military School of Tirana and he was specified in chemistry in 1968. In the beginning of 1970 he published his first poetical collection: ‘Where is the paradise''? From that moment, He never stopped writing. His poetical collection includes: 1)Where is the paradise 1998 2)Sin of the world 1999 3)Slow beginning 2000 4)Sun of the kisses 2000 5)At the door of the ideas 2003 6)Blind Witness 2003 7)When will the sun come back? 2004 8)In the shade of our dreams 2005 9)The Footing of the silence 10)Repentant candle He was awarded with the Gold Pen in the competition Kantmous which had been organized by the ''Light'' in Athens. Lissiana-novel-2007 Broken Traffic Lights-2008 Two Loves Painting of the white dream. He was awarded in Greece with the novel Lissiana as the author of the year in December of 2015.

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