Friday, June 1, 2018




My feelings for you is
Strange but true,
My blank spaces shriek for you,
It is you,
Whose alphabets sing and dance in my thoughts,
It is you,
Who sprayed dew ,brought rain, activated fountain,
In  my  inactive  domicile,
I started feeling new,
Flying in high horizon,
Demanding like a child,
Jumping seeing your profile,
Wanted your attention all while,
Thinking you are only mine,
My ink is still dipped with your thoughts,
My dreams bear your spots,
Stars started calling me crazy,
and the Moon accepts me as his buddy,
my insanity was in heights,
When you robbed me,
When I am no more mine,
You left me …..
Crazy ,dizzy ,and I am waiting ,
For you in the dry meadows
sipping your memories as my wine.


Little common and bit uncommon
Is our relation.
Little spicy and bit juicy ,
Is our connection,
Little softness and of course tenderness,
For each other  is the addition ,
ties   us to the strong knot of affection,
Soul identifies   and mind accepts ,
This  significant  ocean of emotion,
we rear feelings with in us with adoration ,
An unique relation on the path of formation.


In Silence..
In silence our story breathe,
In silence the blizzard  creeps,
In silence the breeze exchanges the notes of heart,
In silence we  see each other through  imaginative glance,
In silence ,we hear the buzz ,louder than hurricane,
Cooler  than icy stalk,
In silence ,we break the  bridge,
Running  on the stairs of heaven ,
Singing and dancing on the rhymes of Beethoven,
In silence ,we step to the Ocean of love,
Ride on the waves ,and sail as long as ocean stretch,
In silence, we reach  to the mountain peck,
Trek in clouds and float with the  dazzling celestial stiff,
Silent and silence is two portions of our story stuff.


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