Friday, June 1, 2018




Unforeseen guests invade our space
With fake arrogance on our face
Anger seems to run our race
And we blindly ambitions chase.

Fame is the giant one eyed goal
When we are ready to sell our soul
Then we leave on a journey  untold
Where our wealth of joys are sold.

Nights of fear come lost in thoughts
Anxiety turns our ulcers in knots
Our faith in good then terribly fight
Compassion for refuge then sight.

When we are down and least aware
Horror of future holds in a snare
Uncertain dread sweats on the skin
While panic attacks from within.

Pride in wrath opens the door anew
As fear was driven and withdrew
I repented insensitive deeds few
And my ugly repulsiveness threw.

In utter despair I said a prayer
My hope in my faith to just stay
I don't want to be afraid or terrified
But vanity moves in unapproved.

I summon my courage now to act
Spirituality to keep my mind intact
To fill my heart with love and light
Fortify my mind and conquer hate tonight.

Unfamiliar guests are unplanned waste
Unwanted thieves are wretched pests
But expelled familiar evil vices worse
Sneak silently and poison with a curse.


Moments when I swim in waters of waves
I forget the world that defines me in tales
And wishes sacrificed on shores wade
Like a poem when written on pages fade.

Moments when I grudge forgotten needs
Many desires crumble and rot unfulfilled
Many tears hidden in eyes unspilled
Like a garden ignored full of weeds.

Moments when I cared but lost my might
Darkness engulfed the courage to fight
When the heart asleep forgot its flight
And love inside wept in daylight.

Moments of farewell that I never got to say
When loved ones left forever anyway
Loneliness of library is there to stay
Of unseen scars that I carry everyday

Moments when I stand totally still
Wonder why I have to do this drill
A monotony in life sets in like a mill
All frolic and fun is lost in vain frill.

Moments of weakness that did matter
My story of failures when I did falter
My deepest dreams that I did not foster
The truth that defined me never did alter.


I don't want be celebrated as lovelorn soul
It is crippling me to own you whole
My obsession for you was my goal
The rejection on me has taken a toll.

My emotional vacuum has to be filled
Wounds you have given me has to be healed
The unrequited love needs to be sealed
I will leave a space for someone else to step in.

My grief shall subside in due course of time
I shall find an outlet to vent my frustration
Feelings of pain shall disappear in rhyme
I am not to be blamed in any situation.

Let's respect our feelings and emotions
Let's not be victim of circumstances
If love is missing in any relationship
There is no need of any forbearance.

It has been a severe blow to my self esteem
I fell in the trap of self loathing suppression
I have given up the chase your love to redeem
I have self confidence in self compassion.


JYOTIRMAYA THAKUR is a retired vice-principal of an International school.She is an awarded,published poet, writer, Editor, teacher,academician, administrator, translator,reviewer, Columnist, Feminist, Reiki healer,Spiritual and Social activist,promoter of literature,a member of jury for English co curricular activities in schools,colleges and Poetry forums, honorary counsellor and coordinator of charity organisations. A published author of six poetry collection and a book on Reiki Healing.Many of her poems have been published  and translated in many foreign languages on national and international websites and anthologies. A passionate person in love with children, life ,nature, peace and all cultures of this beautiful world with a dream of One world.

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