Friday, June 1, 2018




A long sleepless night!
Agonising over the lost self
I look through the window--
The withered trees
with black snake- like branches,
have morphed into timeless truths:
Hollowed out,disconnected from life!

Midnight peeks through
endless silhouettes;
the waning crescent moon--
A boat in the still waters
of distant dark lake,
stays anchored.
The full moon of yesteryears
with its soft shimmering glow
limps along the memory lane:
The silky feeling
becomes an ache!

The inexorable march of time
Unleashes fear in strong spasms--
Once again l feel scared of
futile and erosive years
with declining power;
O who can escape
the natural process of aging?
No one....No one!

Sad about
my fleeting" moments of glad grace",
I look deep into your eyes--
Yes, love has no age limit:
I know dear, you'll love
" the sorrows of my changing face"!

Under the cool canopy
of your assurance,
I loose my outline
and melt into your fold:
My anxiety
seems to melt away--
I close my eyes
and feel the fragrance of your love
with beauty stealing inward!


I remember!
I remember my son:
You were shipped off
To a boarding school
At a tender age.
Oh, how can l forget the day
I dispatched you?
How can l capture in a few words
All that you mean to me?
A sudden surge of emotion
Made my heart heavy,
But l didn't allow my eyes to well up
For fear of getting you drowned!

On your eight birthday
I presented a large golden cage to you:
A gift too big for your tiny hands;
Soon you were encaged!
You fluttered your wings
To join the birds
Wheeling in the open blue sky,
But all in vain!

O my little darling!
Leaving home
And going away from me
Was a terrible experience for you--
Sleepless nights
In the dim dormitory!
You cried and yearned for my presence
And sobbed to sleep!
Oh, l couldn't come
To kiss your tears dry!

I sacrificed motherhood
For your future,
Or participated in the
Rat race of the elite society?
The so called civilised world
Stands like the wide-mouthed sursa
Demanding more and more sacrifices!

No one denies
Childhood flies
Seeing the civilised ghost
Out of fashion we often host.


In my journey through life
I reach an alien territory--
The scarlet Gulmohars
with their flamboyant flames
fall on the ground:
A sense of Fall silently comes!

Saddened by
" the touch of earthly years"
I feel inner rumblings--
A boundless ocean forced along
by the winds of halcyon days,
surges up within me
provoking nostalgia.

Behind the morphing face and body
I look for my lost self:
A woman without
lines or signs of aging--
Vibrant and agile
appears before me;

I try to loop my arms through hers,
But she flies and goes forever
making me feel like a mass of rocks
after recent rainfall:
Oh, the pleasant petrichor persists!

My bygone days
like pale effervescent champagne
hiss into the flute of my
advancing years
whispering with the mesmerizing bubbles!


Dr.RANJANA SHARAN is former Professor (Dept of English, S.B.City College, Nagpur (MH), lndia. Educational Qualification: Her educational qualifications are:B.A (English Honours), M.A.(English), PhD (Sri Aurobindo and the Epic Tradition).Research: She is Research Supervisor (English), RTM Nagpur University, Nagpur (MH), lndia.Publications: Poems, short stories and articles published in a number of national and international dailies,magazines, e-zines & journals. Her poems  have been published in many international anthologies  and archives. She has published nearly 50 research papers in national & international journals and conference proceedings. She has authored and published 05 books. 1.Spring Zone (Collection of Poems). 2.Midnight Sun (Collection of short stories). 3.Nature in the Poetry of William Wordsworth& Sumitra Nandan Pant (Criticism). 4.Feminism: Times and Tides. 5. Different Dimensions (Collection of research papers) UGC-Sponsored MRP. She has completed and published UGC-sponsored research project on comparative literature. Ranjana Sharan has presented quite a considerable number of papers in national & international conferences and seminars.She has also delivered keynote speech. Awards & Commendations: She has received many prestigious awards for her outstsnding contributions to the field of literature: Best Poet Award, Poets lnternational, Bangalore; Rashtriya Pratibha Samman, Udaipur; Best Citizens of India , lnternational Book Publishing House, New Delhi etc. Commendation by former President of India. She received commendation from the former President of lndia APJ Abdul Kalam for her poem Mother Nature housed in her collection Spring Zone.

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