Friday, June 1, 2018




On a winged chariot I moved
Floating with music, sweet but unheard
Besotted by soft lucid articulations
flowed from your lips
Sailed in a realm like heaven
Hopped merrily in a golden cage
Bathed in your fragrance

But truth unfurled vigorously
Like scorching rays of sun
Your articulations were soliloquies only
For moments ephemeral
Misinterpreted by me as verse of love
A soliloquy needs no listener !
A soliloquy needs no listener !

Ripples of dreams vanished in tranquility
Some placid moments passed
Woke me out of a fancied snooze
A vision is a perspective only
Not the whole truth
But still lingers in silent moments
©® Gayatree G Lahon
All rights reserved


The dream that peeps in my eyelids
Extends to my heart
Spreading its roots all over
My soul and body

Now the wish is to cherish
The dream forever
And  the night too
Be it moonlight or no moon
A sky is there for me
Whenever I look up
It walks along with me
Hand in hand
For it buries my pains
In its magnitude
Holding me in deep embrace

The sky brightens me
Warms up my frigid passions
Sometimes drenches me
With a shower of love
At nights it puts on me
A gown embellished with
Twinkling stars
Makes me aromatic
Like a Night Queen in moonlight

In the depth of night
Soul harmonises with
Sweet ecstatic melody
Colour of love paints my empty canvas
Now loneliness can't make me alone
Loneliness and  emptiness disappears
Like sculptures on sand

In such blissful ecstasy
Heart pines only for a wish
For an immortal death
That can transform me
Into a fairy
Drifting amidst the fleecy clouds
Swaying and kissing the waves
Enjoying trance
Fear of losing the sky is no more
With me...
©® Gayatree G Lahon
All rights reserved


As you walked away from me
I heard a cry
As if something shattered..
I looked at myself
It was the falling of a forlorn dream
That slipped away from my hands

Then a truth unveils its face
If dreams keep me awake
While you are with me
Better let me be alone
So that I can enjoy full  sleep

But alike cage  birds
I was fastened to an obdurate tie
Of hopes and aspirations..
Another truth comes forth
As humans , we are hurt by desires
But driven too by desires..
©® Gayatree G Lahon
All rights reseved


GAYATREE G LAHON: Hailing from the beautiful state of Assam in North East India , Gayatree G Lahon is a teacher by profession and a poet by passion. She is a post graduate in English Literature from Gauhati University, Assam. Being a true aesthete , she is an ardent lover of nature and the beauty of life and her works reflect those elements in a subtle way. Love and nature both inspires her to write . Her poems have been published in various national and international magazines, web journals and anthologies.

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