Friday, June 1, 2018




The sky swooned,
at the beauty of the
rising and the setting sun.

The oceans reflected
the love of the one
they adored.

The earth gave birth
to diverse hues
for she loved him so.

All rejoiced in gratitude,
for their mighty lover
was father of their moods.

Liz Ragout...


When we were very young
due to life's misfortunes,
to the convent orphanage
we three sisters had to go.
Us three and seven other
little ones we got to know ,
we became family.

We were seven and three
never ten or four and six.
just seven and three
to everyone back then.
From the beginning of our
school days, until the very end,
we were close family.

It has remained so in our
adult lives ,we've stayed family,
although now diminished in size,
Death has claimed some early prizes.
We are now only two and four,
our friendships will last evermore
even after death has closed all doors..

Liz Ragout.


All is well in Tir na nOg.
No cold winds blow,
nor sickness ,war or strife
evermore, will you know.

It is the place of the forever young.
even if you die at ninety three
it's reserved for you and me
if you've got Irish ancestry.

Its were all our hero's have found rest
the kings of Tara and warrior's of yore.
W B. Yeats and countless more ,
have made the journey long before ..

Do not fear for those who pass
into this holy land in the west
they will enjoy eternal rest,
in wondrous Tir na nOg


ELIZABETH (LIZ) RAGOUT was born in Northern Ireland in 1942. After emigrating at age 18 to London, UK she qualified as a psychiatric nurse and worked in London before retiring in 2010. She is a widow with grown up children, one granddaughter and two great granddaughters. Having contacted meningitis as a teenager Liz has been hearing impaired ever since. This has helped towards her poetic insight and resulted in a heightened reflective observation of life.

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