Friday, June 1, 2018




Hand in hand
as if by accident
you intensely look for
the biggest crowd
to, even for a moment
hear the beating of my heart
to, even for a moment
feel the warmth of my side

innocent dance
they see us around
so, you send a cordial
smile in spite
but I feel your temple
moving over my temple
and my face hurts
from your gazes

your fingers tingle
melted into the velvet of my dress
and the heat of your hand on my back
is burning my body
you desire
I desire
we desire
but we lack the courage
and though a lot has happened
nothing has happened


Stuffy resin fragrance
lazily relaxing
the pine tree with its arms
is trying to shield me
from the heaven saturated
with the great heat of the sun
leaned against the pine trunk
I am stopping to defend myself

succumbed I squint my eyes
my body is fainting
when your hot breath
destroys the forest silence
your hands hurriedly
learn to go astray

I feel nothing I see nothing
and I hear nothing


You stole all my shame

you closed it in your hands
hungry for the stroke
of parted lips

you closed it in your fingers
hungry for the pulse
of my temples

you closed it in your lips
thirsty for a taste
of my skin

you closed it in your eyes
hungry for a taste
of lust


WANDA „DUSIA” STAŃCZAK: President of the Association of Polish Authors (Warsaw). A writer, a composer, an author of over 90 songs. She plays on stage, plays with the brush, has founded and runs the cabaret “Half-serious” (for the past 13 years). She has published 15 poetry books. Her poems have been published in many countries. She lives in Poland. The greatest mystery and her creative inspiration is Man. Therefore, the cruellest  punishment for her would be a desert island.

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