Friday, June 1, 2018




What you give sighs
When we open the windows,
You provoke tornadoes
In the paths so far away.

The nets on the waves
And the stranded frigates
To two strings that encircle them
They convert suns into water.

Wild seagulls quarrel
On the blue foam,
For their food they beat,
In a bloody war.

The Seafarer's Desire
Of crossing the great coasts,
Is gift of the gods,
Love is always rewarding.

Fishermen fire
And glory of those beaches,
The sea comes back quiet,
Goes greeting the rocks

Looking for me with my eyes
Between high tides,
Sirens scream fiery ...
"Where are you sweet poet?"

Let's form a new ritual
With bright shells,
The salty reefs,
With our longing eagles.

Talk with hippocampus
The exhausted anemones
And dolphins swim
While I write you letrillas.

Dreamers have searched
Fine jewels buried,
More than yellow fish
In your hair my soul.

Freighter ships come
To take away the sorrows,
With the rhythm of swings
I'll wait for your arrival.

You see a shadow running
By the bare shore,
Is the fairy that awaits me
To arrive at the raft.


Woman, do not break your silhouette in the sand.
Oh love, you have broken the terrible silence of the green sea;
Just as your gentle accent wanted to love me,
You spread a rainbow in your face of serene expression.

Oh sweet motive of my constant and enlightened existence.
I beg of nature to impregnate your figure on the beach;
So your presence will remain for when the sun sets and leaves.
The foam of the waves will keep our secrets with an enchanted mermaid.

You know I dream of the profiles of the world.
You are salt water that purifies my doubts and thoughts;
In those moments when you give away slow,
And erase loneliness when your face appears only for a second.
My beautiful silver pigeon from the south inside my veins.
I am a fish that wants to die in your throat,
Feel as the tide in the neck rises;
To die within you is to be alive and without pain.

In your name let me sail and sleep.
Each letter has the secrets of the sea;
Of their pleasant secrecy can fill us.
Our love for many is crazy
And only dolphins can redeem it.


You are all the foam of the seas in which the word travels,
The giant blue eye looks at us with its orange pupil;
You slowly raise up by painting a fringe on the neck
Made of red tides at dawn, the shipwrecked heart relaxes.

You exist in the moisture of the water with crystals of coral.
Mitigas pains with the bread of the skin that is of dream.
I love playing in the sea of secrets without owner,
I want us to walk hand in hand to see a northern aurora.

I bless the sun because it covers us and makes me thirsty for you,
I praise the foam that you are, I will drink you small sips,
You have become the blue anchor holding the boat where I go,
To find myself with the signs of the force that draws me to you.


FERNANDO MARTINEZ ALDERETE: Writer, poet, theater actor, radio producer. Born in Leon Guanajuato Mexico on April 21, 1977, His poems was published in  63 anthologies in thirteen countries around the world and  he is author of two books, one of poetry and another of short stories.

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