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“Look beyond the physical eye, beyond the obvious, beyond the noise, beyond the confusion; be still, silent, seeking the mysteries beyond perception; filling your mind with conscious serenity.”
Chief Editor; Stacia Lynn Reynolds

The realities of the world pull us out of alignment of peace and harmony we all desire in life. Our minds become tormented within the depths of the unknown in this present day and sets itself up into our tomorrows. Anxiety may replace genuine peace and ultimate joy when we experience uncertainties in life. Though, in the actuality of our existence, as we experience life in the here and now, we can look beyond our physical world, beyond the noise and confusion, into the realm of our minds; taking hold of the power we all have within ourselves.

When poets look deep inside, within mind and soul, this capability expands beyond the realities of our physical realm. We have the ability to affect and strengthen our psyche, along with those who engulf themselves with the emotion and passion of the words we write. William Wordsworth, an English Romantic poet from the 17Th century said, “Poetry is the spontaneous overflow of powerful feelings: it takes its origin from emotion recollected in tranquility.” This source of serenity is an inner capability we have; the power to control the effects of what we see and feel. When our minds reach into the depths of stillness and silence, the source of intense emotions pour from within, going beyond what the physical eye sees. Poetry is the avenue of intense emotion: sensitively and psychologically. The attraction of mental strength influences the words we write; which are enticing and appealing to not only write but to read. The poet finds inner tranquility, and the reader can feel the emotion spent, as they are lured into the mind of the one who penned such emotion.

When our minds focus only on what we physically perceive, we tend to hear only the commotion noise and confusion of the world. The images that reel through the media, internet and beyond can cause depression and uncertainty. We are blasted with the clamor of pestilence; famine; war; politics; and hate in every corner of the world. We hear and see the cries of children and elderly who are starved of sustenance and compassion. We are tried on every side, attempting to cover our eyes and ears of what we witness day to day, but our efforts may be in vain. Though, when we move beyond our earthly understandings, beyond our earthly eyes, we consume our inner man, focusing on inner serenity. The endeavor of peace and tranquility is obtainable when we reach deep within ourselves. When we purge our conscious minds from the physical world, and delve within our inner man, the poet’s words emerge. T.S. Eliot said, “We shall not cease from exploration. And the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time.” 

Poets are explorers; striving to express the understanding of “Why.” Some fall in the venture of constant torment, due to the overwhelming feelings which surface. Successful poets transcend between heighten spiritual awareness or deep darkness. Some put on a façade of content happiness amid clamor, though in the wake of reality, falls under the dark wing of the raven: besieged in a blackened cloud and plagued with suffering. Anguish may haunt poets, but we all have the capability of moving beyond the realities of this world. We cannot ignore what is around us, but we can make an impact; awaking our minds, and the minds around us. When we travel into our inner psyche, we can find the serenity we fervently search for. Understanding the realities of evils that torment us, within the subconsciousness of our minds, may never be answered in our physical time and place, but the passionate emotion we feel can be penned so others may relate to those feelings.

Poets are peculiar people, whose thoughts may be misunderstood, misconstrued, unrecognized and unappreciated. We may battle with the uncertainty of self, but can move beyond the negative, transcending our mind and soul to a place of serene beauty. When we find peace with who we are as a person, our ability to make an impact in the world will become a tremendous feat. Personal and corporate achievement can be carried out. The declaration of self gives us the power to declare the written word, along with the ability to heal and encourage others with those words. Walt Whitman said, “Keep your face always toward the sunshine and the shadows will fall behind you.” This quote is very simple, but also extremely profound. Light will overcome darkness in any situation; if you search for peace like the finest gold.

“Stillness, Silence, Simplicity;
Will be my Serenity.”
(Stacia Lynn Reynolds)

Our Poetry Archive is thankful for all the poets who contribute to our growing numbers, and readers alike, for your support. Without your contributions, Our Poetry Archive would not have grown the way it has over the last four years. This online poetry journal has an intense purpose and passion to witness respect and appreciation of others through expressed thought. The expression of inner emotion, the tapestry of cultures, ethnics groups, language, and race, have come together to share their personal penned words, along with respecting others who contribute. This consistent action from all contributors is overwhelming. Our Poetry Archive applauds all poets for your support and congratulates each individual poet on your personal success as a writer. I am truly humbled to be a part of Our Poetry Archive.

Our Poetry Archive is pleased to introduce the JUNE 2018 POET OF THE MONTH, Ken Allan Dronsfield, from USA. Please take time to read and enjoy the thoughtful answers he has humbly provided. Also, please take time and enjoy the numbers OPA has added to June 2018 General Edition. Our appreciation goes without measure; thank you!

“The pursuit of peace lies within the soul of each individual. Reach down, deep within, and pull from within, all that will make the world sing; in perfect harmony.”

(Chief Editor)
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