Monday, October 1, 2018




You obviously knew
My tantalizing face will never survive over tonight
Who will tell me
Why I can only have such a short youth
As true as your true love
Even if my beauty
Gradually withered tomorrow
I was never at all willing to
Let my dark red flowers drift along with the water

You obviously knew
My heartily laugh will never survive over tonight
Who will tell me
Why my silhouette is no longer pretty and charming
Could it be that
You can’t wait for my beauty
Grow old slowly
I was never at all willing to
Let my dark red flowers hang on the branches alone

Why was the drizzle always with a mist?
I really want to hide in the wall of someone’s home
To find a place for
The thought that has long been buried in my heart
Never worry about the night passing so fast
Never want to worry again
My attractive beauty
My deep laugh
My heart
Withered so quickly


We snuggle
Even the slightest absent-minded is enough for you feel less
The drizzle walked on air, the safflowers overhead played with shadows
Made your head held high
Let my face lean down
Let all the suspense in my heart went with even the nights water
The winds blowing in front of you since were so casual
How could you not pay attention never let her display ostentatiously
Restate the past again and again
If you don’t listen carefully
To her shy and retiring reply today
Along the red mud road that cannot be filled with red flowers
And don't ask later
Where does the infinite yearnings go?


The leaves on top of the big Phoenix trees
Half down on the ground
Half went with the wind
It's that slight rain created how many homesickness
Heck, this wetted soil was so sticky
As the call of mother when I was a child
Far and clear
The petals that left the branches
Were never really floated far away
Turn into the covered yellow leaves on the green land

That autumn rain fell immediately after the autumn winds
The mountains were dyed full of red
That shocking chirpings of the cicadas are ringing from all directions
Caused the Mature millet to keep nodding
The leaves of the spikes were raised high
But not want to hold a pot of wine for her
The slanting sun always did not listen to anybody's advice
Could only plead to the coolness of that night
Let me stayed in the flowers a little longer
Not willing to let the wind of thoughts be so casual

Dr. TZEMIN ITION TSAI(蔡澤民博士)  was born in Taiwan, Republic of China, in 1957. He holds a Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering and two Masters of Science in Applied Mathematics and Chemical Engineering. He is a scholar with a wide range of expertise, while maintaining a common and positive interest in science, engineering and literaturemember. In addition to being a university professor and freelance writer. Dr. Tsai is not just an accomplished poet, he is an essayist, novelist, columnist, editor, translator, academic, engineer, mathematician, and so many other things. His literary creation specializes and expertise in the description of nature, the anatomy of emotion and humanity, life writing, graphic writing, cross-domain writing and so on. He has carried out a number of educational research with the development of teaching materials in his country. He has won many national literary awards. In addition to his own country, his literary works have been anthologized and published in books, journals, and newspapers in more than 40 countries and  have been translated into more than a dozen languages. Dr. Tzemin Ition Tsai is an associate professor in Asia University(Taiwan), editor of “Reading, Writing and Teaching” academic text. He also writes the long-term columns for Chinese Language Monthly in Taiwan. Many famous poets of the world through his Chinese translations and introductions were able to be recognized by the people of China.

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