Saturday, June 1, 2019




It was a pregnant situation
Beyond reason and warmth
Impregnated by fumes of jealousy
Wreaking havoc in the family

Sinister planning
Hood winked attitudes
Grey reasons
And acidic fights

She slowly gathered the pieces of her life
By now adroit
And accustomed to the vitriol drama

She had morphed from being a lamb into a tigress
Ever protective of her cubs
A force to reckon with

A fascinating transformation
That was truly coming of age
A super poise against the dysfunctional family

She reigned in her attitude
A trifle reluctantly
But oh so fantastic


Humanity is shocking us day by day
Goodness has vanished and evil is making hey day
Greed, malice and hatred are available for free
Terrorists are lurking, on a massive killing spree

O, why has humanity sunk so low
Why has religious tolerance taken a blow
Can't brotherhood and universal peace appeal to all
Someone has to bring in the peace call

Suicide bombers are roaming around the streets
Flocking together in killing sprees
Without a humane tear or care
They kill and deviously dare

O Lord, which age are we living in
All I see around is hopeless sin
It curdles my blood to see so much blood shed
Is there any end to this gory bloodshed?

O Almighty, shine the light in our souls
Else humanity will stop from being whole
This terrorism is eating up the social fabric
Stop terrorists and haters from this mindless habit


He was a lanky boy who grew up an orphan
But dreamed of a life that was more fun
His life was in an orphanage in the historic town
Where visitors frolicked, white, yellow and brown

Barely eleven, he quit his school
And joined the handicrafts vendors pool
Selling authentic handicrafts by dozens
His speech laced with English phrases all of a sudden

The European tourists were his first love
He would eagerly court them, his eye running above
He enticed the tourists with tales of valiant Rajput kings
His eyes merrily daunting, ready for a dashing swing

He dreamed of flying in the aero planes one day
His dreams kept him working diligently, he never swayed
He would happily adorn the ladies braid
And in return got handsomely paid

One day a couple seeking adoption came to town
As they heard his spirited talk, they never frowned
It would be him, and no one else that would grace their home
He had finally found his family, no longer did he roam!
Copyright Aabha Rosy Vatsa


AABHA ROSY VATSA is a Poet, Author, Writer, Blogger and an Ex teacher. She has been awarded ‘World Iconof Peace’ award, The Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee Women Empowerment award, Queen, Inspiring Gem of India award, Icons and Crusaders award, Margdarshan award. She has hosted two seasons of the Faridabad Chapter of the Global event, 100 000 Poets for Change. She has published fourteen books, twelve of which are Poetry books. She has contributed poems in over a dozen anthologies and her poems have been published in various International ezines. A die hard optimist, Aabha believes in the power of the written word. A quintessential student of life, she grew up in a cosmopolitan environment in Allahabad. She later traveled to Zambia to complete her schooling which gave a deeper significance to her cosmopolitan outlook. She is spiritually inclined and a fir believer in Karma.

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