Sunday, March 1, 2020




I carry you in my tummy,
Flaccid alien lump
Wrung to my body:
Carnal cord to suck
The swelling placenta─
Visceral union
Wrought by blood,
Urine and oxygen...

I Cherish My Carnal Garment

I cherish my carnal garment,
My flesh is the precinct
Of a million feels;
My skin is the lure and hook
With which I troll fishy eyes,
Fixing them only on my guise…

I cherish my carnal garment,
My necklace scar for a humanoid:
A gift by my fretful thyroid.
I cherish my testosterones
Who keep me aggressive when my power is gone;
I cherish my estrogens
Who keep me motherly and feminine…
I cherish my womb:
My life cosmos,
My life carnival…
I cherish my bosom,
My lips and my arms…
In me is transplanted the tree of ecstasy;
All senses spume forth into full bloom…

Make Love To The Sick Body

Make love to the sick body.
Lift the slack arms.
Handle with care the dozing dove,
Seek the scintillating pupil
Under the eye’s drawn blinds…

Let your sweat drizzle
As holy water on a demented body…

Kiss the sick body to the marrow;
Suck its pain and sorrow…


Music would be our third partner:
Sharing the room and the cover.
We enacted its tunes:
The guitar-shaped, frail body vibrates
To the tam-tam touch of his fiendish fingers…
The soul tune melts into the two.
Clapping shuddering teeth
Play as a headless tambourine…
When the symphony nears its ending,
Undamped, she croons him as to children…


He dreamt of her naked body,
Rolled on itself in foetal position;
Saw it as a sea scallop, ebony,
Half-opened, festoon-crowned…

He shuddered at the sight of the sheen shell,
So pure, so sensual
It raked his fire, the scallop’s auburn heart
Glowed on, never to be dimmed or burnt.


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