Sunday, March 1, 2020



If I were...

My awakened star
I look for nothing except the light of the sea
The waves of passion are attracting me
and the colour blue fills me
If I were the earth's light
I would be a cover for lovers
If I were the world's power
I would be an embrace for orphans
If I were a baby's laugh
I would be drops of joy
fallen on thirsty lips
If I were a thrill coming out from eyes
I would be the talk of innocents
If I were a prophet
I would paint humanity in my language
and peace in hearts
As the lost in the paradise of lovers
As the wondered in the road of travellers
I would come back alone carried by angels.

A Sudden Call

I'm the yearning that drives people into madness.
I'm the cheeks on which you drew happiness
I'm the dreams that without you become senseless.

OMG! How could I behave with this call!
Should I look at the light outside
Or keep contemplating the room's walls!

Oh Man!
I'm the heart that carries hapless love
Try to be my salvation..
I'm the eyes that carry tears
Try to be my consolation
I'm the wings that carry half freedom
Try to be my destination..

I'm silent, I don't dare to breathe
I'm trembled, I don't dare to tell how I feel
My soul held captive in grief
So why are you calling?
What has made you so compelling?

Hello, Hello... Do you hear me?
Oh yeah! I do..
I'm just listening to you..
thinking how the blissful dreams come true..
Thinking.. how the contradictions in one heart grew..
Thinking in the moment when Angels come to play
A time of peace. Of love. Of  blessing
A time of closing eyes and praying..

I know that they utter your name as  “A call”
But I say
You’re a thought in very beautiful way..
You kissed my heart with:” the lips of remembrance”.


You’re there
Wearing so beautiful dress
Making a seducing gesture
And dancing on nice melodies

They call you the great technology
you look to others
As an eternal prosperity
They all want staying in you
But as one soul not two

No one can judge you because
For all you are too sacred and wonderful..
You are the science of profession
But you are not the perfection
I’m here to make a pause with you
But not to blame or ask you
To lose your principles

You’re so awesome angel
Who penetrated our being?
and brightened our lives
We love you when you are wise
But not when you use
the mask of science to disguise

When you become crazy
and attract others to you
Did you think one day
That you are the slow death of humanity
By your attempts to transfer human to digital
Yes, you look so incredible
Everything in your world is possible
With your velocity you win time
But you paralyse our minds at same time

Yes technology, you make the world a small village
But because of you
We melt in your digital cage
Forgetting the human embrace
Since you make between us a big space
Despite we are living in the same place
Our hearts adore the screens,
neglect the real union
And living the real scenes.


NASSIRA NEZZAR: A writer from Guelma –Algeria- She was an English language teacher at the university of  Guelma for 8 years and a teacher at The National Institute For Vocational Training...She adores writing since young age. Nassira Nezzar has a published work, a book entitled: FAMILIAR STRANGERS, which is a collaboration work with the American author Rob McBride. It’s dedicated to all who believe possible the impossible. She participated in different international anthologies, Love is like air-USA-, The Other Side Of The Screen-Poland-, Women Poets -within and beyond shore Vol 1-2 &3-India-, Whispers of Soflay, Verses on Racism, Resistance and Refugee Crisis –India-, Metafora Współczesności –Poland-Thousand poems to the peace and happiness of humanity –Chile- , Family -Chile-, Antholgy of Contemporary world poetry –Belgium-and participation in an international anthology against Racism.-Love Postcards ..Nassira Nezzar has been awarded from Lebanon and Morocco as an ambassador of peace, she has a membership certificate from Nigeria as peace ambassador. She also got the World Laureate in Literature from WNWU. Nassira Nezzar has poems on her  Youtube channe . She wrote and recited different poems in different languages: Arabic, English, French, Spanish, Italian, Turkish.

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