Sunday, March 1, 2020



A 28th Wedding Anniversary

Today is a day to be remembered
a day to go down in history
you vowed at the altar at no time you will
leave me
to stay by my side
today is the day you said I do
28 years ago
an awesome day
a day for celebrations
but if you were only here with me.

Rest in peace darling husband
seems death won
ten years ago
and I lost
but I still love you
as you remain a sweet memory.

Lost In This Crowded World

Christmas makes me happy
prepares me for the birth baby Jesus,
memories of the day He is born
in a manger
that is so cold & dark,
just wrapped in cloth.

But then in real life,
the streets are crowded,
traffic jams & chaos,
the malls are decorated,
shoppers are busy shopping
emptying their wallets,
children go crazy,
picking their gifts,
ladies are in the kitchen
baking the Christmas cakes,
while dads are putting up the
Christmas trees and ornaments.,
and lighting up the tree,
hanging the stockings.

Craziness all around the world,
people travelling home,
from far and near,
loved ones waiting
but I am alone
and am lost in this crowded world..

This Is Me

I for one am
strong like the amazon,
undisturbed like the sea,
cool like the wind,
sweet like sugar.

Fighting all ups & downs
standing against all odds,
pressure I have none
with faith in the Lord,
I move on and on.

This is me!


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