Sunday, March 1, 2020



New Year 2020

Let December be going away
To meet the new, one coming soon
So far, the lives be like the pearl
Under the rocks beneath the sea
Keep the lives be in healthy
That brings a good fortune for all
Avoid cruelty to normalize
Humanity needs peace
Let December be going away
As long as this world provides happiness
To make all be in paradise
Rather than riot comes up to damage
That's the fact in our image
To submit the kindness among
With has no conflict and murdering
Of each man needs apologize
Keep friendship for all creatures
For better lives in the new year
That the blue sky will be smiling
And the earth will not be crying
sm/31/12/2019, copyright

I Am The Foam

You are the breeze and I am the foam
As I gaze
And I try to identify
You are not fading away
My eyes will move away
As long as your face in thy lives
Though I can't touch your heart
Since you look like snowing evening
I keep this always from morning till evening
Never I blow it like the wind
Without any distinction of mine
For you are the oil of my blood
Look like a rose in thy life
Never be thrown away
From the bottom of thy heart
To let you know how
the passionate and loyalty
I lay down for thy sacrifice


Let the moon be smile
And provide lighting
To gaze the green grass
As long as the sun fades away
Let the moon be smile
To identify all creatures
As long as the earth is not angry with
But keep your holy soul
To normalize the lives
That blue sky will be smiling
Then let the moon be smile
As long as the wind smoothly blows
Till the sea is drying
Before the sun moves to the west
Keep the moon be smile
Before the breath goes away
To search for the lighting
That's the moonlight keep till to die

When The Sun Is Going Away

You are the pearl in our heart
Never fade away from time to time
You have grown many seeds for long times
Under the trees with full of leaves
And we smile and laugh together always
From previous time till today's
And no things make us exiled
Only twilight that brings us to cut off from

We are friends obviously
We are brothers from that time on wards
No hatred with no matter among
It is sufficing to urge one withs, and no mistakes
Let day be gone away
As long as this world is giving lightning
Don't let your eyes be gone away
If the tracks here seem are buried still
All the green leaves will be longing
For your left be in our dream
Forgive us if there are so many mistakes
Let God bless us forever till to die
Though the sun is going away
Its lighting is still concealed anywhere surroundings
As a magnitude of togetherness
That be magnificent in the lives of apologized


SIAMIR MARULAFAU was born in Nias, North Sumatra-Indonesia,17-05-1958.He was graduated from English and Literature Department, Faculty of Cultural Study, University of North Sumatra,Medan-Indonesia.He is now still teaching English and Literature, and writing poems and short stories. His works were mostly published in social medias such "HUMANITY"(2015);"LIGHTING”(2016),and some other works or poems   in Indonesian language and English.He was a poet and  conducted a scientific paper and research in Terengganu,Malaysia,2017, Pahang,2017,USM Penang,2017,Singapore,2018, UPM,Malaysia,2018 and UNY,Yokyakarta,2018

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