Sunday, March 1, 2020



For Ever More

I was awakened
By a playful sunbeam
Who teased and tickled
My drowsy eyes
I took a deep breath
My lungs got filled
with the sweetest fragrance
I’d ever felt
My love forever
Laid still beside me
Resting peacefully
on clouds of dreams
I was upfilled
with endless love to
the one who gives me
love and meaning in life
And then my soul rose
Quite unexpectedly
The tallest building
Looked up at me
So I thought of
what she said to me
The little one
My everything

She always says
That she is mine
To her last
eternal breath
And I am hers
As long and longer
So forever
Is just a part
And in this after-life
We both will rest some
But in the next life – and after that
I want to share – each day – each night
With you, my love – forever more!
For you have found – my deepest inside
You have kissed it – and made it strong
Breathed life into all - that was forsaken
I am but yours – forever more!

Two Pairs Of Shoes

Two pairs of shoes
That couldn’t find each other
Because the left one
Wandered off into the woods
And the right one
Wandered off to the beach
But finally one day
Both of them
Went the wrong way
And wandered and wandered
And searched for a straight way
When they finally
Came to a crossroad
Where they both again would meet
This way my life was like
I felt like a pair of odd shoes
I felt just like I was missing
Missing the other half
I wandered through life
Maybe jumping on one leg
Until I finally found
My other first half
My soulmate
My pair
So now
We’ll always wander off together
For ever the right way!


Forever Yours

An angel woke me up in my dream so bright
It gently took my hand and smiled
Carefully we rose towards heaven so white
Glancing over meadows, hills and lakes
-I’m sorry – are you Gabriel, the arch angel?
-Has my walk upon this earth reached its end?
-What will then become of all my dear ones?
-And all the things I’ve left undone?
-No! Be calm! He said to me
-I am but a newborn little angel
With a very special task
-So, please, levitate with me
-Your walk in misery is hereby over!
-Look out! We’ll land pretty soon!

With flowers heather-red – on my meadow
I stand, I hear – something far away
 someone softly gently whisper
my name so brilliant crystal clear
Then suddenly - there right before me
With a seven heaven’s smile
An arch angel with golden hair
And a voice -  oh, so rare
She spreads her bright white wings
and says: It’s you I have waited for!
-Let me be yours - forever
Yours forever – in every life!

When someone opens
the gates of heaven
Your knees get week
and your throat gets thick
Your voice starts trembling
but God will see
A lonely wanderer
who won’t give in

You give me hope – you give me strength
My angel – happiness and belief
All I’ve wished for – but thought unlikely
Has materialized – right here, right now
May hours pass – may time go by
Let worldly things have their way
For it is you – and only you
Who makes me live – who makes me stay
To share with you – our time together
Is what’s important – just like that
Worldly things are of no importance
For you mean everything to me!
On a sea shore – with sand white sea shells
The sea breeze gently – twirls your hair
Other matters – are have put behind us
We are you and me – forever now
Not of this world – we were at all
But together – we’ll be forever
Thank you, God – the gift you gave us
With your grace - we’ve come this far
Oh, humble tears – of human gratitude
Flows like a river – that never ends
I beg of you – your hand in marriage
                            In every life – forever yours!                          

My Life

My life – I felt
Was like a voluminous book
With many pages
Yet unwritten
Pages that I so dearly
Wanted to write
Together with the one
I truly love
The one who loves me
For who I am
Time has passed
Years have gone by
Lots of water has floated
Under the bridges
Many a sunrise
Has aroused my feelings
Many a full moon
Has given me hope
Hope that finally
The prayers of
My lonely nights
Would eventually be heard
And so at last I felt
That time would soon be right
And then came the day
It was in springtime, I remember
For the white Peonies bloomed
In my garden

Suddenly the door of future
Flew open with an enormous BANG!
I saw you – my love – for the first time
The one I had awaited – for so many years
I knew it was you at once
You and no one else
I never never gave up hope
To find the true love meant for me
And all of a sudden
You just stood there – right before me
And smiled so earnestly
So there and then
I surely knew
That true love does
Exist for real!


Every time I hear it
”What a wonderful world” with Louis
Each time I wish there was
Such a world – even for me
A world where the words of beauty
Were told and really true
Without a mental reservation
Or sly and cunning calculation
As I have seen and experienced
Time after time after time
I hope this world
Will reveal itself
And open up even for me
So that even I can step in
Light as a feather and released
From the ordinary grey reality
I hope it soon will be here
So that I can feel its presence
As a solace in the rain
For my soul – filled with longing
I put on Louis’
“What a wonderful world”


PER JOSEFSSON is a writer, poet, novelist and translator. He is also a book publicist, a graphic designer and a language teacher. Have translated several books of poetry and anthologies and participated in numerous poetry festivals and book presentations in different countries. At present he is publishing 2 books of poetry and 1 collection of short stories. As a language teacher he is educated at Lunds Universitet and as an illustrator and graphic designer at Konstfack in Stockholm. Working as an illustrator and graphic designer has given him many commissions in the book- and advertising industry over the last 30 years. Born in 1957 and living in the south of Sweden. Close to the cultural life in Lund and Copenhagen. On the threshold to the European continent.

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