Sunday, March 1, 2020



The Murmurs Of Silence

Learning the eloquence of silence
Unexplained love hides there
In shining eyes, sparkling lights
Stars twinkling, in silent nights...

Sun making love to earth
Shining blessings on Rivera's flow
Love keeps growing... see the glow...

Nature quivering opening for Ray's
Growing seeds, showing heads
A spring rebirth is coming ahead..

Silently love will grow
On your face, let it show
Lines of life.. pain and joy

Listen hear your breathing
In your heart, feel the beatings
That’s the murmurs of silence..

See the beauty that surrounds
Cross the roads.. break the bars
Building bridges....for beyond...

Love Is That Stallion..

Let's drop the curtains of the night
Holding our joy, deep inside
Holding the moment.. The fragrance and the loves 'croon
Hidden from eyes of the world, the stars and the moon...

Let's live between the desire s river and the shore
Between the wild waves, scrolling to no more
Between the words unsaid, the dreams almost real
No matter if ending with wounds that never heal....

Love is that stallion, galloping free
Taking us to unknown land of heavenly tree
To a spring that last.. In colorful sights
And our life, is no more than a dancing flame, of a candle light.....

O Beloved

Between a wave and another
Between the rain and its fragrance
You planted me, a poem, a quivering flower
Exposed to bees, birds. and romance ..

Dwelling in your magical home, poetry..
Doorless, no ceiling, no walls
Rainbow colors filling this sanctuary
Tide of love, caressing heart and soul...

O beloved, how could you, my dreams fulfil
With endless desire, create a forever moon
Enlighten my darkness with passionate
Have me lost between reality, and love bird croon....


HANA SHISHINY: Lebanese poet writer and translator. Having poems in many anthologies. Preparing my first poetry book to publish... Had art studies in American university. In Beirut Lebanon. Painter had many exhibitions. Interior designer and decorator in the real life. Egyptian. Living in Cairo Egypt by marriage...

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