Sunday, March 1, 2020



Ay Goodbye

It doesn't make you tremble
say goodbye to life
to the well-known paths
long crossed
to the street corners
you walked on
from child to old
and to the people met
even if careless indifferent
to the ones so much dear
that maybe didn't love you
as you wanted
so much the need for love
that every morning
you' d have liked
to see smiling eyes
for the simple fact
that they met yours

Few successes you think
you have collected
but many defeats
in what you believed more
sow and reap love
you felt like a shrewd reaper
waiting to see blooming fields
of Peace and Good
but one day a storm
the next on migratory birds
there to destroy your work

How many times bent on yourself
late at night in your dark room
or at sunset in front of the horizon
you felt alone
asking yourself a thousand things
not only under that moon
but in the universe

How many strange things in this world
started your life with a scream
and your desire now
to pass away in silence
leave the certainty of being
even if in a sad world and
full of pain
but your greatest fear
is to ignore on what
will the door open
after your demise
@ Maria Miraglia

A Battle Field

You can't kick Love out of your life
say it goodbye or throw it away
for fear it can hurt
make you suffer
your heart beat faster
You can even try to get rid of it
to soon get the knowledge
of how stubborn it is
just turn your face around
and it is still there
to give you good mornings
and kiss you good nights

Love a tireless fighter
declares war on reason
that focusing on logic
plans defence strategies
confident to be the winner
innocent as it is
on emotions and feelings
a huge fight begins
an elephant against a bird
that can even harass
as mosquitoes in summer or
bees sucking nectar from flowers
on the meanwhile
you a spectator
your heart a battle field.
@ Maria Miraglia

A Ray Of Sunshine

An umbrella under the August sun
and a crowded beach
joyful voices of children
bathers who can't hide
the uneasiness of the summer heat
slight the sound of the backwash
along the foreshore
and the two of us chatting
as always
without giving importance to words
sometimes without listening to each other
to the end
so long our life together
that we suppose to understand
even before things are said

A ray of sunshine on your face
stops the flow of things
looking for some shade
you approach me
almost touch me
your face in front of mine
I look up to you and
seem to see you
for the first time
after long
I stare at your clear eyes
the features of your face
listen to your voice and
ancient emotions crop up

Merged into each other
we almost forgot our identities
and with them our turmoils
the desire to discover the other.
that ray of sunshine gave us back our past
illuminated our present


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