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Themis To Angels…

Gods, goddesses, I Themis, welcome you in this heavenly palace of Iustitia
I know I am regarded by you as an eternal woman in flawless white robe
Yes, I have always been this way, a guardian of human rights and freedoms
I was a judge from the depths of my heart of purity and my angelic soul.

Gods, goddesses, look at the history of my soul in the earthly world
Every my step a dagger inflicted in me, so I fell deadly hurt
From the treacherous messengers of an old man Hassan ibn Sabbah
And when Gaius Julius Caesar was cruelly stabbed 23 times.

I fell to the ground when Abraham Lincoln was killed in a theater lodge
And Mahatma Gandhi in New Delhi, Martin Luther King in Memphis
John Kennedy in Dallas, John Lennon at the archway of his Manhattan home
My robe was pure crimson, dipped in the flood of their fratricidal blood.

Gods, goddesses, I am humanity’s Noah's Ark, I generously took them aboard
And although my robe in crimson so magically in white. I am their Statue of Liberty!

Cicero, An Angelic Philosopher To The Congregation Of Angels ...

-No one overboard! Absolutely no one! This is my motto, gods, goddesses
My motto, when I lived on earthly vale of tears and now in heaven
my motto, one that was my laurel, invariably philosophical
I've always reached out to a drowning man and republic!

Ah! If people had learned how much better their world would be!
The opposite is happening, they swear and curse on themselves
they push themselves into the abyss, all as one as jesters and pawns
in the spider web of their hopeless lives based on spite and hostility.

Nobody overboard, for God's sake, nobody overboard! -The magic of my words
which sounds in their ears like distant echoes of storms in their souls
when they could just accept them as melodies of their hearts
and their own motto, to strengthen their hearts and God's understanding.

Ah, humanity! I am here, Cicero, the angelic philosopher of all time
Wake up! Give up your mean hatred! Show your heart while it's time!

Cicero Says To Themis:

Lady, my goddess of paradise's fireside, starlight and eternal springs
However complex we are, so naturally unlike each other, so perfect
We share values that are similar, you are in shroud of law and divine order
And I am in shroud of the republic, one with flames of effervescent ardour.

This ardour of mine! From the days when I was the consul of Rome!
I devoted myself entirely to the republic in my earthly life
And so it remains now, when I am angel in heavenly glory
My soul, like yours, burns for the eternity of truly divine light.

Both you and I, my Lady, Themis, we were bathed in nobility
While in mortality, and for that we are rewarded here in Heaven
Nevertheless, we do not stop, we watch closely the Earth’s roulette
For although humanity tainted with falsehood, real angels live among them.

You and I, Themis, closely track the oracle's instructions for them
To make sure humanity regains common sense, spreads law and freedom on Earth.

And ... Oh! You! Themis! In the gilding of your glare, in an incomparable beauty
Let me betray my feelings to you, the fiery feelings of angel I am
I devote myself fully to you, I, the ancient philosopher and senator of Rome
Forgive me, lady! Forgive me, I want to wrap this love in robe of our souls
So we remain together, two angels in pure love, never abandoning each other
You, Themis, the Lady of law and order and I, Cicero, protector for republic.

Themis To Angels In The Heavenly Palace Of Lady Justice ...

Gods, Goddesses, I am Themis, also known as Miss Lady Justice
You heard about me, one with a blindfold and Scales of Justice
I justly tried to reconcile humanity all millennia
Put planet Earth in an unstained white robe like mine.

In vain! My effort was wasted by the titans of evil
Who deceived with the greatest trophies of mankind
Imperial crowns, papal tiaras and mitres, episcopal rings
And ensnared ordinary man with dogma, making his life hell.

Their current day is not better, the omnipotent dogma
Ex cathedra of dogma, its absolute infallibility
An exile whoever denies it or lives against the laws of dogma
No chance, no blindfold of justice but the laugh of the sadist judge.

That judge is dogma, Gods, Goddesses! What like howling of demons!
Dogma, mocking the Lord and man alone! Negation of freedom!

* Ex cathedra - Latin phrase: infallibility, authoritativeness, indisputability, negation of another opinion ...

Cassandra's Oracle.

Gods, goddesses, muses, you, whom the starry lights from
Like rays of the Lord's hope in us greatly glowing
I bow deeply to you with angelic woman's gratitude
For as you know, I was Apollo's beloved. princess and muse!

I did not return his love, so he like a coward cursed me
From now on I am a wanderer, first on the earth's paddock
And now on the starry trails and in the heavenly shelters
I, the prophetess, with the gift of seeing the future, to exaggeration!

The earthly world was always full of false usurpers
And none even reached my knees, not even Napoleon
War and peace, their childish frolics, the curse of humanity
Harvests of death to this day their testimony in the bosom of Earth.

Ah, humanity, come to your senses! For the end is coming
Such that the knife of the apocalypse will cut your aortas from the spot!

The watchmaker of stars and his starry clock are beating in me
He is mine pendulum and I his, our mutual relation
As the configuration of stars enables prophecy to be generated
So I myself like a starry clock see them as if on my palm.

Starry nebulas are magical part of my prophecies
I have gift of seeing through movements of starry clock-hand
Through the constellations' clues, their Ariadne's thread
Cassiopeia, Centaur, Virgin and Scorpio, countless more.

The wealth of constellations, my book of prophecies!
They are to me like compass of their starry sailing-ship
And the clock-face their inexorable indicator
No one will escape my visions, naked as before the Lord.

Ah, humanity! Starry clock-hand is already a second before the noon!
Bathe in holy water, maybe there is still a chance. It is in the fog…

Song Of A Muse: ‘Ode To Freedom!’

Freedom, you are nectar from the lips of Princess Aphrodite
In a robe with million heavenly strings. Like an angel!
You are the forbidden nectar from the mouth of beautiful Adonis
Who can take you to the rhythms of the dance. Like a devil!

Nothing human is alien to you even if thunders upon thunders
It can never be the magical spell to be or not to be
But to be, and to be, and to be to the last drop of nectar
From the lips of Aphrodite and Adonis, to the fanfare of your sounds.

Ah, freedom! You are the opposite of dogma like water and fire
A dogma that would gladly put you behind bars
- Not allowed! - Calls dogma. -Allowed! - You call.

Ah, freedom! You, personage with thousands and one faces
Human soul longing for happiness, vigour of life
With the sounds from the bosom of Heaven and Earth. Ah, play us!


THADDEUS HUTYRA (known also as Tadeusz Hutyra) was born in Poland where he attended schools and begun to study at the prestigious Jagiellonian University of Cracow but shortly afterwards, before the emergency state announced by the communist regime on 13th of December 1981 he left Poland in search of a better life abroad. Primarily he intended to emigrate to the United States of America, the goal he was never fortunate to fulfil. Instead he found himself in New Zealand where he lived 5 years and afterwards, he had a brief period of travelling across some Asian and European countries, he lived for a while in China and Hong Kong before finally settling down in Belgium. He considers himself a citizen of the world but a dream still remains to visit the USA and also enjoy travelling to a few other countries, especially India and Nepal. His mother language is Polish, but mostly he uses English and Dutch in everyday life, he knows also Russian language. He has already published some books on Amazon, mostly poems written in English, amongst others “New York, My New York City” and “Divine Choir” In addition to it he is active on social media, especially on Facebook and Twitter. He is admin of a number of poetry groups in Facebook. He also published a number of books in Polish, amongst others “Boski Chor” (what in English mean ‘Divine Choir’), already working with the 19-th volume, all of the books containing 500 pages each.

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