Sunday, March 1, 2020



Skin Colour

They don’t know ‘bout true colour
when they speak to their skin
but they look at some mixture
some black
some brown
mulatto mix
masala blend
some look spicy
and become spiteful
with their Nationalism
and think is Supremacy
so they look in the mirror
down below not so white
in pantomime looks not right
and let chagrin of fire
burn inside with desire

Love Is A Beautiful Thing

Sweeter than sugar
Love is a beautiful thing
Never mess with it.

More you get the taste
Love brings exhilaration
Mind is full of joy.

When love so blossoms
Stay this glow in USB
Mind is Motherboard.

Never let trickle
On the side to catch a fly
Molasses may  dry.

Stay this love with Time
Let it get richer with age
Sans any pillage.

Love is not for cash
Not in a grocery aisle
Lose it brings no smile.

Once Upon A Night

Once upon a night I walk in the dark
Alone on a quiet pathway, thinking
I must visit a friend without skylark.

Lo and behold the moon begins glowing
Behind stealthy clouds now wandering by
I begin to move faster, hurrying.

Without much thought, I just cannot tell why
I scurry along in glow of the moon
And my feet move like butterfly.

My destination I hope to reach soon
But God forbid I continue to run
And my shadow dances like a buffoon.

Visiting a friend is just so much fun
And the moon is vigil to see this done.


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