Sunday, March 1, 2020



In My Solitude

In my solitude
When crumbs of time
Have fallen of the table
where others needs
And others doings
Have been done
There in my solitude
I gently gathered them
To be able to write
To be able to dream
All of the undreamed dreams
I’ve always dreamed about dreaming
In order to be able
To realize
My heart’s irresistible lust
My heart’s deepest vocation
To gather all pictures
And gather all impressions
To mantel them in words
Words that become verses
And verses that become poems
I have gathered many
Oh, so many I have gathered
Many crumbs of time
That have been left
For me
After all these years
But I am not bitter for this
I can always manage
To make it in time
To make ends meet
For others
The one’s I love
The one’s I adore
I stretched the rope of time
Like an endless rubberband
The time
That was left
For me
But the more I gathered
The more I wrote
I sometimes borrowed time
Because I knew
The time would come
I felt so often
That the Universe
Trixed the time for me
And stretched out
All its borders
Sometimes I wished
To infinity
So that I could write
So that I could tell
All the world
What I see
That others do not see
And to tell the world
What I hear
That others do not hear
I felt that the power of words
Are stronger than feelings
Because feelings you may bridle
But the written words
Are more sharp than swords
It has become many poems
Many poems through the years
Time is the witness
To all that’s happened
Because it knows
All my hiding places
In boxes, drawers, bags
Filled to its rims
With poems
It was so long
Since the feeling
Of solitude
Came over me
Because all of my
Old poems
Got a new face
And a new life
They did get new shapes
New clothings
Like Cinderella
In H C Andersens fairytail
They touched the hearts of many
The hearts of those
Who got to hear them
For whom they have been told
And all the ones I love
Whom I have given
All of my time
Whom I have given
All of my love
They are proud of me today
For the one that I am
For the one I have become
I have hidden in my verses
All the love I’ve felt
All these years of feelings
Love for the environment
And the one’s that I love
It warms my heart to know
That they have all seen
Seen what I mean
Seen what I have to say!

I Will Marry You

I will marry you
In all of my future lives
For you have lit the stars
On my dusky path of life
A path full of stones
Which I used to stumble  and fall upon
My eyes could see nothing
For the straight jacket of darkness
Made me blind
Blind and unseeing
Unseeing what was good
In the one that had hurt me
So many times
Because of no reason
Just because – just because
I have asked myself
So many times – so many times
Although I knew
I would never get no answer
But then you
Came into my life
Like a burning torch
With warmth and love
And kind words of comfort

And I will never
Ever forget
When I first saw
The stars of hope
Light up
I saw them
In your eyes
Suddenly my road of life
Became lighter – lighter
Easier to bare
Suddenly I felt love
Love in full bloom
All around me
Your power of love
Your strength
Reflected in me
Comfort and security
And now I know
No matter how
The day our bodies
And our souls
No longer dwell
Upon this solid earth
I will marry you
In all my future lives
For you have
For ever more
Lit the stars for me!

Where Poetry Is Born

I see before me
Gardens suspended
between heaven and earth
Gardens floating
Filled with blooming unborn thoughts
Filled with blooming unborn words
Filled with blooming unborn colors
Slowly ripen
Slowly materializing
Through different kinds of colors
Through different kinds of feelings
Some of them will be beautiful and sensible
Some will touch your heart and your soul
Some will get sad and sorrowful
Because they haven’t yet ripened
Some have already frozen – in their own sorrows
Every thought hustles and bustles
Everyone wants to be there
But it’s the poet who decides
Which words and what thoughts
Should be chosen
To reflect the poem
If you want to be loved
And to feel real love
You have to sow
With small seeds
With the words of love
In the pendulous gardens
Floating between heaven and earth
But if you only look back
And do not look forward
Not even over the edge of what’s real
Then the poem gets dark
The poem gets heavy
The poem gets sad
And it pulls you down
Instead of lifting you up
And then you fail to see
The meaning of each life
So if anyone but me
Sees the pendulous gardens
Please – with the power of thoughts
And with encouraging words
Let the pendulous gardens
between heaven and earth
Be filled with unborn thoughts
Filled with unborn words
And filled with unborn poems
That slowly materializes
Through beautiful colors
And wonderful wonderful feelings!

You Have Searched For Me

You have searched for me
All these years
You have visited me
In my dreams
But I have not understood
That it was you
I was waiting for
All these years
I have not understood
That when the time is right
I will meet you
For real
And then I will
Recall your face
From my dreams
From messengers
From the Universe
That sends signals
Time and time again
That I must be patient
And wait
That I must have faith
And endure
As the one who waits
For a perfect wine
To ripe and ripe
To reach its full-grown taste and character
To gain its final color
And then came the day
When finally
Our eyes met
And I recognized you
Once again
From my dreams
And now I feel
That the wine
Has grown and riped
And I feel
That the time is right
That the wine
Has gained its color
And taste
For you!

My Dearly Beloved Mother

My dearly beloved mother
To me you will always be
As beautiful and young
As you were in your greatest days
As elegant and graceful
Happy and bright
And always in the best
of moods
Just like that
I will remember you
For ever, my dearly beloved mother
And never as old and sick and fragile
We, your children, take care of you
In the best way we possibly can
To show our gratitude and our love
Just like you did
for each and everyone of us
On your painting of life
Time with its skillful brush
has painted many memories
Memories that life sometimes
Sometimes was a fiest
But there are also dusky, gloomy ones
Filled with fear and deep sorrow
And memories of starvation, misery and war

Nine decades have passed
Since the day that you were born
But I still see in you
That young and beautiful woman
So strong of will and determination
I see your joy for life
in your/those glittering eyes
The eyes that hold the future
Your love for life is so sincere
Each day for you is a special gift
Each day for you is a miracle
You often say
You want to stay
with us – as long as possible
As long as you may
as long as they above
will let you
Because the lives
You once have given birth
They’ve become five
Five generations now
You want to share your wisdom
with all of them
Share your love and experience
Then pass on the burning torch of life
Pass it on with a feeling of security
To the next generation
With a humble hope of expectation
That they will also want to
Pass it further on

My dearly beloved mother
To us you will always be
As young and beautiful as ever
Because this is what you are to us
For ever, dear mother, for ever!


JOANNA SVENSSON is a poet, writer and a novelist. Born in Warszawa in Poland but since 1975 she is living abroad. She has published 2 novels, 5 books of poetry, 2 in Swedish, 1 in English (publ. in USA), 1 in German and 1 in Polish. Has participated in 8 anthologies and been invited to 4 international. book fairs. Is a member of the Swedish Author Society (Sveriges Författarförbund), and the Polish Emigrant Author Society of London (ZPPnO). She is also very active in the cultural and literary society of both Sweden and Poland. Frequently visiting several prose- and poetry  festivals around the world.

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