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A Triumphant Defeat

Rootless, I was piqued by wander-lust
To set out on the unknown journey
In quest for roots
To root myself firmly.
Suddenly, I lost trail, lost my sense of direction;
Even my intuitive compass failed me,
Leaving me meandering and groping in the wilderness.
Tired, all my ambition and strong urge to search waned,
Reaching or not reaching anywhere bothers me not
For my newly evolved post-defeat- let- go turn of mind
Has made me feel that every place I sleep is my home,
Everyone I speak to
Is my brethren.
My miserable defeat then
Suddenly turns into a glorious triumph
In just the twinkling of an eye.

Jolts of misfortune or unsettled mental plight
Are salubrious as it often brings psychic changes
And mellows one’s vision and outlook on life,
Sobering down one’s deeds as well.

Vain Dreams Of Lost Souls

One often leads to finally
Even doubting one’s own self
With undeterred skepticism
And seeming cerebral blossoming,
Throwing him into regions---
---unknown even to himself.

Men on this planet are lost souls,
Fumbling in confusion to discover their real self.
When they fail, they dream of finding a new way
To realize their dream of discovering themselves.

Dreams betoken unconscious desires,
Thoughts and motivations;
They are also disguised fulfillments
Of repressed desires.
Knowing that dreams are also
An unconscious airy phenomenon,
Many still try to dream a dream of their choice,
Converting natural dream into a contrived phenomenon.
Craving to dream the dream he wants,
He often sleeps with vain hopefulness.
One often likes to dream
For something better and luxuriate in it,
For reality is grim and dream, its escape route.

Opposing internal and external forces
Keeps one from living one’s dreams,
Still the incorrigible dreamer tries to dream.
Conscious on occasions rare
Of the dream even while dreaming
He is adept at switching his unpleasant dream
To another acceptable dream and enjoy it.
Constant change of area is as easy
As changing of TV channels for few dreamers.
Consequently, finding himself crushed
Under many layers of dreams
He vainly gropes in his airy dreams for truth,
For the realization of his dreams,
Of his lost self
That will never be restored
And so fails to live all his preceding
Uncountable dreams.
Waking up with a sudden jolt,
He shuns the harsh fearful reality
As the eyes shun the dazzling sun.

Reality is action and action is an achievement
Of whatever one wants.
Dreams give transient relief to tension,
But lasting solution to all problems,
Retrieval of one’s lost self/soul
And realization of his true identity are possible
Only through action in the world of reality.

Heroes And Zeroes

History is galore
With the lore
Of heroes and zeroes
Both ancient and modern
That engulfs this planet
With countable heroes,
And ironically, uncountable zeroes,
Though on one single platform
Are both placed,
Stupidly and ironically rather placing
Zeroes on a pedestal higher.
Distinction betwixt the true and false
Easy to decipher, but hard to spotlight
As strong marketing tactics and skills often
Prove the false, true,
As the weak marketing,
Proves the true, false.

Most painfully, shamefully and ironically,
Only gods who have been properly marketed,
Are worshipped, their idols sold
And their places of worship, elegantly constructed, decked too.
Marketing is galore everywhere in theory and practice---
------in politics, education, human demeanour
And all socio-legal interactions
‘cause falsities that suppress and crush all truths
Are galore.
Sans skilful marketing, products, howsoever good,
Cannot be sold, have no place in the world
Which is nothing but a big market
Where mostly shady deals take place,
Where everything is bought and sold
Where everyone buys and sells,
Be they moral values, thoughts sublime
Honesty or integrity, truth, love or sincerity.
Through efficient marketing, zeroes turn heroes
And through poor marketing, heroes become zeroes.

Evincing a dismal scenario of huge trading crowd,
Wild and mad transactions go on endlessly
Even beyond the comprehension and control of gods and angels.

Did God plan the way this world is?


DALIP KHETARPAL: Generally known as an off-beat writer, Dr Dalip Khetarpal’s earlier poems as witnessed in 'Fathoming Infinity' (1st and 2nd revised edition) were psychological in nature and dealt basically with the human psyche and the unconscious and subconscious mind. But he later shifted his focus to other wider desultory areas of life, like psychological aspects of man-woman relationship, spiritual love, sex, deceptive myths, mysteries of life, human soul and God, but not without elements of humanism and sometimes, metaphysicism as reflected in his anthologies: 'Ripping into consciousness', 'Refractions' respectively. The anthology entitled 'Sculptured Psyche' though consists of some of the cardinal elements of the previous anthologies, unravels an endless quest to comprehend and highlight the vagaries of deep-rooted complexes, illusions, delusions and false notions of various vital issues of life man has fostered since the dawn of civilization. 'The havoc such issues create raises some pertinent questions, which reflect the eternal conflict among the three components of the human psyche, i.e. id, ego and superego, a la Sigmund Freud. The anthology, ‘Weird Musings,’ despite integrating and highlighting all the aforementioned elements, is a powerful and trenchant attack on the socio-moral evils and almost all contemporary abuses perceptible in this grim scenario. However, his satire is not caustic, for he compassionately tempers it with wit, irony and humor. Despite his own creative undertakings, Dr Dalip has been contributing his poems, reviews, criticisms, appraisals on the works of various prominent poets, novelists and short story writers to various reputed national and international journals and magazines. He received commendation from widely read newspapers and won laurels, certificates and awards of excellence from India as well as from other countries like USA, UK, Canada, Italy, Greece, etc, for his creative writings. Currently, he is working as the Editor-in-Chief of The Poetry Society of India (patronized by its Founder President, Late Dr Yayati Madan G Gandhi), as the editor of 'The Contemporary Literary Review of India', an international journal, and also as the co-editor and columnist of 'Contemporary Vibes', the refereed journal of literary criticism and creative writing. He is also working as Managing Director of a reputed educational institution. Dr Dalip Khetarpal. Author, poet, critic, reviewer, columnist and short story writer. Former Administrator and Academician.

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