Sunday, March 1, 2020



I Am Literature

I am your soul, oh homeland,
breeding your flowers!
I am your never-ending
and eternal endeavors!
You are my necessity?
And I am your heart, of course;
You are my spice, my taste;
And me? Your bread, of course!

My Anthem For My Flag

Since the azure world I was,
Infinite, clean, and clear,
Innocent, such a surprise
That trembled thee in fear.

Thou flooded my blood
Down the valleys and sneered.
Capped the velvet plains my blood,
My anthem, my flag appeared.

Thou escaped from me, I know,
Like a wild golden deer.
I chased thee for years, though,
My shining star! Oh dear!

Bending bow I got for thee,
Eternally I am free.

Life’s Crystals

Lord, the loveliest,
Let life’s crystals
Fall, swing softly,
Prosperously on my love!
My land, my soil, my soul,
On my green home,
My planet, the Earth.
Let the terrible darkness
Fall in love with Erebus,
To bring us your Eros.
Let Night and Day reconcile
For glorious brightness.
Lord, the loveliest,
Let life’s crystals
Fall, swing softly,
Prosperously on my love!

In This Staeless Country

Ignorance and hypocrisy,
Treachery, bureaucracy,
Have blocked out democracy
In this stateless country!


Tyrannous aristocracy
Turned to tyrants’ theocracy;
Farewell meritocracy
In this stateless country!


Their only diplomacy
Fascism, Farsiocracy;
Peace be upon democracy
In this stateless country!

To An English Poet

He offered a poem in a festival to me in my dream.

Calm and deep,
Like the Pacific Ocean,
You opened a horizon,
For sure, is worthy to keep
In my mind forever,
Astounding thy vastness
through my stoutness
Praising thy endeavor.


ARAZ AHMADOGHLU: He was born in Khoy - a city in Southern Azerbaijan - in 1968 and grew up there. After graduation from high school he entered Shiraz Medical University and became a paramedic, a technician of radiology. He got employed in Urmia medical college and worked in several hospitals there. His late father had wanted him to be a doctor, but working in hospitals showed that he was the man of his dreams. He was interested in music and literature. While working in the hospital, he entered Tabriz university to study English literature because Azerbaijani Turkic language and literature is considered a big crime and then is still banned in Iran. He got married with a teacher, and two years later he graduated with bachelor’s degree in 2000. His son was born in 2000 and his daughter in 2003, While he was working on his post-graduate studies to get M.A. degree. At the same time, he founded Sahand Language School in Khoy in 2001. He got his M.A. in English literature. His thesis was a comparative study of Beowulf and the Book of Dede Qorqud. While be was working full time during all this period as a technician of radiology in the hospital in his hometown, he was teaching in Azad university, Payam-Nour University and his private language school. Then he went to Baku to get his PhD. He cooks his legal rights to the supreme court and got retired from the hospital job in 2017. He is going to get PhD this year. He has published 4 books in literature in Baku and one in Turkey. Although he writes in English, Farsi, Turkish, and Azerbaijani Turkic, his books are prohibited to be published in Iran because of Azerbaijani Turkic, especially its Latin alphabet. By the way, his essays in four languages have been published in different places in Azerbaijan, Turkey and Iran. He has been to several international conferences and festivals, too.

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