Sunday, March 1, 2020



On a Hot Summer Day

On a hot summer day
When the sun bleeds red
And makes sky Copper
When Earth
Fumes like furnace
And no soul stirs

When birds are hidden
In shady haunts
And beasts are
Into hibernation

When a sweating peasant
Leaves plough
And hurries to shady haunt
For siesta

Sitting under a tree
I get drenched
In the cool showers
Of your memories

Moonlit Night

Moonlit night
Sand sparkles
Like millions of stars
Feasting on Earth
A host of glow worms
In a thorny bush
Giving competition to
The twinkling skies
Nomadic beats
In the distance
Set the ambience
To celebrate life
I Rest my head
On your shoulder
And feel Elysium
In my dreamy eyes

Desire Unfulfilled

Showers of rain
Sitting by Seaside
I see
Waves strike
against shore
And Cool breeze
Swaying tree

On wings of time
Fly back
Memories of
You and me

Desires are birds
Every now and then
Perch on mind
Seek me
To be with thee

Saddened I
Look beyond horizon, still
Some wishes
Never fulfil...

By The Seaside

The seashore..
Striking waves
Memoirs of
gone by days

Full moon night
Reflection in water
Refreshes a face

Shadowy trees
Rustling leaves
Long lost whisper

Meanwhile me
Trying to scribble
In my diary old
A song new

How I Wish!

How I wish
Someday we meet
By the side of a river,
crystal clear
With no one near..

When the birds
Have come back
To their snuggly nests
And the shadows
Of trees have taken
Heights uncanny

When the tinkling flocks
Are home from meadows
After a day out
And the sun has spread
Its sheet to sleep
At the dusky horizon

When the world
Has hugged
The sleep.. so sweet
And the stars
Have gathered
To party on galaxy

Let us meet
By the side of a river,
crystal clear
With no one near...


KULVINDER CHAWLA: Born and brought up in Punjab she is based in the Royal city Patiala, Punjab. A post graduate in English, she is an educationist and runs an English institute to train the Civil Services aspirants. Writing poems is her passion. Besides she is a writer and translator too. Her write-ups keep appearing in the newspapers and magazines across the globe. She is a trilingual poet who writes in English, Punjabi and Hindi.

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