Sunday, March 1, 2020



I Fall On The Road
Where You Fell Out Of My Eyes

You didn’t know me because I was a small tree,
They cut me untimely, I didn’t have any shadow.
Stumps are left after huge trees are cut
Any of my tracks isn’t left in the height of a tree.

From where you could know I feel cold,
The clothes of my spirit are rotten long ago.
You cut such a grief it doesn’t fit to my frame
I am covered with the grief of my future.

How to look at the face of justice
Such partings are sorrow for the God.
I fall on the road where you fell out of my eyes
I am going to look for you there.

Let Me Be Motherland For You

Don’t hope anything from me
I have nothing to divide equally with you/
Motherland didn’t grieve for you
Let me be Motherland for you.

Let’s go, let me close your eyes
Don’t look toward that longing.
Let’s go, don’t leave for anywhere
Finding a way out in strangeness.

I haven’t become lucky in this frail world,
Let me try to make you a bit lucky.
Inside of you keep a room for me,
Let me die in Motherland when I pass away.

The Tears Of My Eyes
Will Curse You

Forget me so that I can forget you too,
Don’t turn back to test my heart once more.
Let my variegated sorrow be only mine,
Take your love and don’t reprobate me.

Don’t say that this world is betrayer,
Don’t scold me for I bent at my destiny so.
I was more patient than the mountains,
They changed me, I wasn’t so long ago.

Now it is time for this love to pass away,
There will be a grave in my heart as big as you.
I shall neither sigh no I mention your name,
The tears of my eyes will curse you.

As If Your Eyes Aren’t Yours

You see a handful of soil in my hand,
I look and Motherland is seen in my palm.
It seems to you that you pick a leaf,
The wounded branches are covered with blood.

You know it is the earth under your feet,
You don’t know how many graves are in inch of earth.
You know the end of all is the death, and grave,
You don’t know life is narrower than the grave.

I stare at your face, your eyes are frozen,
As if your eyes aren’t yours.
The way that leads to me is full of tears,
I think you will be lost in the way leading me.


Assosiate Prof. Dr. TARANA TURAN RAHIMLI is an Azerbaijani poet, writer, journalist, translator, literary critic, teacher, academic, is an active member of the International Literary Agency in Turkey, Azerbaijan, Philippine, Kazakhstan, İtaly, Oman, Belgium, USA. She is a PhD in Philology, Associate Professor of Azerbaijan and World Literature Chair of Azerbaijan State Pedagogical University, author of 7 books and more than 400 articles. She is the editor and reviewer of 20 monographs and poetry books.The work has been published in more than 25 Western and Eastern countries. She is works were published in Azerbaijan, England, Italy, Spain, USA, Germany, Belgium, Mexico, Chile, China, Turkey, Russia, Romania, India, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Serbia, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Kosovo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Oman, Macedonia, Saudi Arabia and other countries. Poems and articles have been published in many international sites around the world, on periodicals and in anthologies.

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