Sunday, March 1, 2020



I Love You

Life writes novels for us
I don't have to worry anymore
I wait for our tomorrow until dawn
That our life smells of love.
I am waiting for you my love
Hands to hug us
Fortunately, it covered me like flower petals
i love you, you are my heaven.
I love you very much my love
more than a personal life
Pick a flower on my chest
With my fingers of heart, I will write you a song.

Together Forever . . .

They lazily destroy us in our lives,
We stayed like children, side by side,
In love with the game, in the madness first,
Together in joy, together in agony.
It doesn't rain, where there is hope,
We stayed in our dream field,
Yet your smile steals a sigh,
And our game is new every day.
We don't give in to lightning, from bad weather,
We stayed an island on the outskirts of paradise,
Every storm surrounds and passes us,
While love unites us forever.
We have years in our hearts,
Emotions are forever intertwined,
Our little world is stronger than before,
Forged out of love and mine and yours . . .

Knight. . .

You are my timeless love
Which defends me from evil
You are my serenity and warmth
The knight on the horse who rescues me
You are my sky and sun
And the star that follows me
My heart loves you forever
It will never fail you
You are my spring and summer
Beautiful jasmine white
You are my knight of fortune
Thank goodness we met
I love you even when you get angry
I love it when you laugh
I love you even when you are silent
The knightly light warms me
Never doubt me
My empathy has no end
And when my eyes exhale
I'll wait for you on the outskirts of heavenly paradise. . .


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